L@@k what I got today!!! & Help me decide what to get!

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  1. I finally received a package from elux today. Ta-dah......


    I actually bought this for myself but I think I'm gonna give it to my mom since she really likes it. So the question is....... What should I get for myself instead? I'm thinking about getting a Perfo speedy. Any thoughts on that?
  2. The Perfo Speedy is hot. Do they still have those around?
  3. That bag is hot!! I'm really liking the looks of the mini lin speedy. What about the mini lin bucket for yourself?

  4. Ohhh, I love that! It is really nice you are giving it to your mom! What about something from the epi line, maybe an Alma, I love that one!
  5. Yes, they do. I called the 866 number and she said there're some in Texas.;)
  6. yes, it's really a great Xmas gift for mom.
    Few days ago I saw e-luxury still had the Perfo speedy, but sold out already.
    Maybe they will have more later?
  7. The mini lin speedy is beautiful. Have you seen the hot ankle boots to match?? :nuts: They're on elux.
    Love those? Is this the same print??
  8. :nuts: Your mum has great taste:love: . Get the Perfo if you like it.:yes:
  9. ohh hott, its a stunning bag, congrats!!
  10. Yeah, I would get the perfo speedy. Then you and your mom will both have speedies. Yay!!
  11. Sweet of you to give this to youe mom.....I am not sure I could part with it....of course this is on my wishlist!! :graucho:
  12. How sweet of you to give it to your mom! :smile: If you really like the bag why not get another one for yourself? I have this bag and :heart: it! It's so nice to not have to worry about the leather getting dirty. I take this bag when I don't want to have to "think" about my bag. :yes:

    Again, what a nice daughter you are....hopefully one of my girls when be that thoughtful when they get older! :graucho:
  13. Congrats!

  14. congrats! if you are looking for the perfo speedy they have some at nieman marcus in stanford in every color
  15. that bag looks great! you are so nice to your mom!