L@@K what GATOR TREASURE I found on ebay!!!!! I have just received it today!!! PIX!!!

  1. I can't believe that I almost missed out on this bag!!!! I was delaying my decision because I was too concerned :shrugs: about it's authenticity, but thanks to John5's quick replies and tPF's authenticate thread :tup: , I snatched it out from another buyer. Seller told me that right after I did the "buy it now", she received an email offering her higher price. That was a close call!!!! :sweatdrop:
    Now I'm celebrating !:wlae::wlae::wlae:





  2. P1010385.JPG




  3. P1010391.JPG

  4. thats cool, how much did you pay for this gem?
  5. Tooo Freaggin BeautifuLLLLLLLLL!!! all i can say is wow wow wow wow :nuts::nuts::nuts: - LUCKY!!!

    Oh i don't think you're bragging... you have every right to be happy for your purchase. You're doing what every other member does, and that is posting pics when you purchased something. Im sure you didn't even know that another member wanted this purse. Congrats!!!
  6. Beautiful bag.. What a great find!
  7. Congratulations!! Time to celebrate!
  8. Is that the DELFT????

    Oh how I loved this beauty at the trunk show. One of the loveliest I've ever seen. I didn't even know it came out! You're so lucky!
  9. Congrats on your purchase! Thank so much for sharing your new joy! Enjoy it in health!! =)
  10. Congrats on a beauty!! eBay is like that you have to be on top of something if you really want it. It's absolutely something to show off...thanks for sharing. Congrats again!!
  11. Holy cow that blue is :nuts:!! congrats you are lucky!
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!

    What a gorgeous bag!
    Thank you for sharing your new find with us - do you have post with you whole collection?
    You have some of the most collectible bags I've ever seen!
  13. I'm saving your pics just so I can swoon at them whenever I want :biggrin:

    This was my absolute #1 favorite bag from Fall 07, in this color, with the blue croc and yellow ostrich and blue degrade canvas. SIGH!!!!!
  14. Congrats on the new GORGEOUS bag!!!! I'm glad you bought it! :biggrin:

    You're welcome on the authentication help... I enjoyed viewing the pics that the seller sent you! :drool:
  15. It is FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS! I would sooooo pay big bucks for this baby if it ever popped up on eBay! Lucky Girl! Enjoy it! Modeling pics?!