L@@K! Pastilles Key chain is back (not the Bracelet)

  1. I was just looking at Karen's site (it's on the LG section here ) and I noticed that she has the Pastilles Keychain again, not the Bracelet.

    I asked every SA in the world for this and they all tell me that it shows up in the computer, but that they don't have one in-store. I even called the Hawaii store!

    Anyone getting it ? :nuts:

  2. I am getting one of those...it should be out soon...and I'm getting a brown one for my sister
  3. I saw that..droolllllllll
  4. Did your SA tell you when it's coming out ? I soooo wanna know :graucho:
  5. I know Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) has been waiting for these for months already. She might know when they are due to arrive.
  6. When I called the 866 number a couple days ago, they said IT'S ALREADY BEEN RELEASED. It's just a matter of having one in stock now...:shrugs:
  7. I really want one of these. I think it will look cute hanging off any bag!
  8. Really? Where at? Gotta ask 'Becca - she has to know more than the SA's @ SoHo or 5th Ave!

    I remember one time asking the "RTW" people at the 5th Store if they had the MC Fringe scarf and they said "Yes we have the Fringe and we have scarves. But just not together...errr....yet."

    I just hung up and laughed :lol:
  9. Ooooh...that looks sooo cute! It reminds me of a bunch of skittles!:heart:
  10. cute!!!! how much is it??
  11. Ugh..my store is so behind once again. They don't even have the bubbles stuff in. Anyway I need this and the bubbles ring. I'm thinking I might get the brown version for my mom for Christmas.
  12. Hey! Just the person we were talkin' about! Do you know how much it is and have you found out if its available anywhere? :smile:
  13. That is so cute.
  14. I am waiting for a return call from the waitlist specialist at Valley Fair (missed her call today :sad: ), so I will ask her tomorrow for you...she usually has really good info, as you can imagine.

    Always good to be friendly to the waitlist specialist ;)
  15. Haha I actually have no idea about this. Karen's been asking me lately if I've heard any news on my Pastilles keychain but still nothing.
    I think I'd heard the retail was around $275 or $295 but I can't remember at the moment..as for where it's sold right now, I don't know that either lol! They changed the release date on this thing so many times even I'M confused..I was prepared for it to come out along with the extender version, then it didn't, then it was October 21st, then it was Nov. 1st. Bah.
    All I know is that there's supposed to be a cell phone charm version as well. :Push: