L@@K @ my new Dior wallet

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  1. don't worry, happyangel.....your dior is authentic (as if you didn't already know!) ;)

    it's very nice. i remember that collection! a friend of mine has a patent lady dior in the black-on-black "mini monogram" version of this leather.
  2. Zerodross: I am actually very happy that you, nat's, & fashion_guru's point this out. I don't pay a lot for this wallet (only $113 US), but of course, I would like to know if it's real too. Since I've already started this thread, I will post more pictures of this wallet so you guys can have a look. :yes: Thank you so much!! The seller also gave me a Saks Fifth Avenue receipt. The wallet was bought on June 2003 & it was 50% off from $265 US

  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Hi Brian: I am so glad to hear that the wallet is authentic. :smile: :yahoo::yahoo: I have also seen the mini monogram version in RED before & I absolutely love it!! I think Dior makes the prettiest red patent leather!! :smile:
  6. Everything looks fine, except for the authenticity card. I'm glad the wallet is authentic. Sorry, I didn't want to sound like I was "raining on your parade", it's just that I didn't want you to be embarrassed if it was fake. It's a beautiful wallet, Congrats!

  7. ^^^ same feelings here exactly ! :tup::yes: could you post close ups of the card especially the front ( i cant make out what is written under the stamped address) so that we can have it for future reference ? thanks in advance ! :okay:
  8. Hope te wallet is authentic- very pretty and great price
  9. brian's right... no worries about the authenticity of the wallet really. especially with the picture of the embossing of the serial number, etc.

    the deal with the authenticity card.. well i posted it in the authenticate this thread and i'll post it here as well, the authenticity card HappyAngel's wallet came with is the older version which was for any dior range that was 2000 (or before). to tell if the older version of authenticity cards are well, authentic, the gold letterings should be raised.

    see may's thread here:

    sooooooo, to end all the hullabaloo,
    congrats happyangel! and enjoy your new wallet!
  10. love the wallet! It's gorgeous! I tend to buy everything (bags and clothes) with very 'popping' colors too! But it's okay, it gives me the reason to buy more to match! :biggrin:
  11. congrats!!
  12. Beatuiful!!! Love the color, it really pops!!
  13. woow i like it! do you know what season it came from?
  14. love the wallet, super gorgeous!! :love:
  15. congrats!!!
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