L@@K @ my new Dior wallet


Apr 23, 2006
I got the LV Pomme vernis French purse, but I've decided to return it after getting this Dior wallet on ebay! The LV pattern is so simple compare to the Dior wallet. The patent leather in the Dior wallet is red with gold color around the "Dior" letter. It has a 3-D effect on the "DIOR" pattern. It's soooo pretty!! I wish I have a matching bag too. The quality of this dior wallet is so much better than the LV too (The edge of the wallet is also patent leather while the LV one is just some sort of red binding material. The red patent leather is sturdier than the LV too. I love Dior!! :yahoo::yahoo:


Nov 14, 2006
Congrats! I love the color, but the authenticity card looks fake. Can someone check the authenticity?
yes the card looks very strange i have never seen anything like that ... never heard of a Dior Boutique having their own authenticity cards, the font seems really off on the card as well ...lets wait for zerodross but something is wrong here:sad:


Oct 18, 2006
^ ita nat & fashion_guru. the authenticity card doesn't look particularly authentic. as for the namecard of the boutique, it looks alright, i compared it to the one i have which the manchester store passed to me. i'm just curious though why the florida store would stamp their address over the card which belongs to the dior in saks.

dustbag is fine, the wallet, i'm not too sure, i wish there was a close up of the embossing because right now from this angle, the "C" and "D" embossing looks too thick/bolded.

could be that everything is authentic but it came without an authenticity card of sorts and the seller just bought one off ebay. :confused1:

if happy angel is worried about the authenticity, i reckon it's best to go to a dior store to get the SA to have a look. i would be well miffed if i paid good money for a wallet i got off ebay which turned out to be a fake. i hope it all sorts out okay though.

AND last but not least, HappyAngel, i hope you're not offended by either my comments, or nat's or fashion_guru's. i think the girls and i are just worried that you might have been scammed (although that's still out in the open at the moment), and it's not in any way whatsoever an effort to rain on your parade. if anything, i think we're all enablers here who love to help each other out in scoring yet another dior. ;)