L@@K my new 2007 cruise navy distressed patent clutch.

  1. Hi,

    Last week H&M was the grand opening of a new store in Beverly, my DH took me up there for a shopping spree. Got few cutes inexpensive goodies including the top in the picture then of to Saks for the Chanel goodies. I have a choice between a $13K pink croc reissue or this navy distressed patent clutch. So I bought the clutch. Like I have any choices. Ha Ha :nuts:

    Anyway I luv it & may want the navy patent reissue with gold hardware.



    darknavyclutch2.jpg darknavyclutch3.jpg darknavyclutch.jpg
  2. Pricing wise it much more expensive than caviar & lambskin.
  3. Wow! It looks fabulous! Congrats!
  4. It looks fabulous on you!
  5. FABULOUS!!!:love: Thanks for sharing.
  6. gorgeous clutch! gorgeous color.

    and hot outfit!
  7. This bag is seriously gorgeous IRL :drool:, I got to see it two weeks ago :love:. Congrats and enjoy!!!
  8. BTW, love the Chanel pearls too.:love:
  9. Thank you. I just can not find time to post pictures of my Chanel purchases. This navy color is so pretty that I have to make time for it. The color is like a new black that goes well for dark cloth. It'll be very fabulous with light color clothing in spring/summer.

    Smoothoprter, the pearl is part of timeless collection. I got it over a year already. I use it most of the time. Just order today another timeless pearl in lariat version.

    mello_yello_jen, got the whole outfit at H&M except for vintage Chanel belt. This is what I worn to work today.
  10. I love it! I think i want the plack patent!!
  11. WOW!:nuts: That is stunning! Looks amazing w/that outfit!
  12. It's so beautiful!!!! :love: Love your outfit too!
  13. I love it--the color will coordinate with a lot!! Love your pearls, too.
  14. Its fabulous. Love the color.
  15. That is beyond gorgeous! I love it!