L@@K! Guess which one I'm getting:)

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  1. Here are the contestants:
    • Miss Pale Magenta City - Spontaneous and dare to be different, she is looking for adventure!
    • Miss Bubblegum Work - She's fearless and likes a challenge, she's ready to take on the world!
    • Miss Bubblegum Day - Confident and carefree, she'll grab your attention wherever she goes!
    PaleMagentaCity0.jpg BubblegumWork0.jpg BubblegumDay0.jpg

    WORK! WORK! WORK!!!!
  3. ALL OF THEM!!!!

  4. I think you got the work. :graucho:
  5. If you don't get the day, you can ship her to me ;)
  6. I think it is the Day.:yes:
  7. I would pick the work so I'll say BG WORK!
  8. I would say the City as its beyond gorgeous. Perfect shade!
  9. The BG Day is :drool:
  10. if pink was my color, i would get all 3!!!!!! but i have zero self control :nogood:
  11. OK, some of you might remember that I said before I'd get the Pale Magenta Day and Electric Blue Work, BUT, I've had a change of heart(of course!) and it's going to be the Bubblegum......DAY! That pink is just too gorgeous to resist! I'll post pics once I have it in my hands:smile: This will be my first Day ever:smile:

    BTW, it was a toss-up between the Work and the Day, but I had to go with the Day(it'll be a casual day off bag) because my office's pretty conservative and the pink will definitely not go over well. So hopefully that beautiful Work will go to someone else's home!
  12. BG work!!!
  13. Gorgeous whichever you choose!
  14. great choice! i can't wait to see more pictures!!
  15. The Day is so beautiful! I love it! The leather looks great and the color is so pretty!!!