L@@K, chanel Denim tote on ebay or new cotton club?

  1. They are so diff...but leather is always my thing and cc leather is so nice.
  2. Trish..i have the denim tote and its a fantastic fantastic bag...not "advertised" by Chanel as a diaper bag but you sure could use it as that..it has about 8-9 different compartments, is very light for a large bag (big but not oversized) and its, for a denim, a classic......(if that makes any sense lol) you can use it as a regular bag when your baby is older...i would say get it...its rare, and you will love it. Its also discreet, logo-wise, in that there is just one thing that ientifies it as a Chanel, without screaming Chanel (if that matters to you): one big stitched gold CC on the bottom part of the side edge facing towards people when you wear it on your shoulder. (There's also the quilted look as you can see from the pic, but that isnt exclusive to bags in our beloved House of Chanel) I have put in mine extra shoes, lunch, etc etc and its still fairly light with all that stuff! there's plenty of room for baby things! Let us know! and btw this bag on eBay is definitely real!
  3. purse-onality! OMG, you sound jsut like me....I like the more subtle bags...large cc's are not for me, plus they catch my hubby's eye less so fewer questions.. tehehe:rolleyes:

    Problem is I think I want both...but you are right, they were rare and I saw them at the trunk show last spring but I bought a cerf tote and a GST last year so I guess I could do the bronze cotton club and this one too! Thanks! I am going to bid.! I will let you know if i get it!
  4. lol well, i do like the logo thing on some bags but for a denim one, too many logos can make it look unclassy and even................gasp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake! :yucky: btw, i paid $1575 for my denim without the tax...i checked a few days ago and its not on sale yet! and you should for sure do both.....the CC tote is TDF (i have it in blue teehee) and big enough for lighter baby stuff too! (nothing that would spill 'cause its not as "undestructible" as the denim, but its pretty hearty!!!
    the denim you could run over with your car and it would be ok LOL
    hope you win!!!!
  5. purse-onality, thanks for the reply. Could you by chance send me a pic of your blue cc??? I have not seen that color yet. i have my eye on the bronze or black. Thanks so much. Oh, by the way, do you think the denim bag would look too slouchy on the bottom if it is filled? I have an LV wallet, full MJ leather cosmetic bag, LV small ring agenda and LV key holder plus cell and checkbook in my handbag. thanks for the help! Trisha
  6. hi Trisha am ashamed to admit i do not know how to do the picture thing yet!!! :shame: :shame: am supposed to get a lesson very soon from either DH or another PFer who is a friend of mine.but the color is a yummy shade of smoky blue/muted turquoise. Someone recently posted a pic on here showing the same exact color in the new CC small reporter..i can't remember what the thread was called but if you search "Cotton Club reporter" within the last week or 2, it should turn up! no, the denim won't be too slouchy, it takes on the shape of what is in it...if its hardly filled up its more slouchy but if its stuffed, it is like the rectangular shape it looks like,,,its very soft though. Not only does it have the 2 pockets in the front, but it has a zippered pocket in its back, a deep slot on each side of the top main zipper, another zippered compartment inside, a slot and cell phone slot on the other side of the zippered compartment inside, so, including the regular inside of the bag, that is NINE areas to put things! what is the eBay price on it again?
  7. i personally like the bronze cotton club tote more. but then, i also tend to like leather bags alot more than fabric.
  8. I really it because of the denim.
  9. i prefer leather over denim bags anyday, but i have to admit that denim tote is rather cute and i've never seen it before! Still, i'd pick the CC tote.
  10. ladies ladies ladies
    we're supposed to support Trish in buying BOTH bags

    :p :roflmfao: :jammin:

    ps teehee
  11. Wish I had seen THAT one before I bought MY diaper bag (Vera Bradley).

    I say both: denim diaper bag for casual outings

    Cotton Club for a more WOW diaper bag look.

    You can NOT go wrong w/either.
  12. ok, both it is!!! Thanks for the support and enthusiasm, especially to purse-onality!!!! God, the TPF is a dangerous place :sweatdrop: