L@@K at My NEW Chocolate Edith & She needs a Name!

  1. For those who remember, my Whisky Edith is named Emma :heart:

    For fear that I wouldn't :love: the new brown Fall Edith bags,
    I went ahead and bought a pre-fall Chocolate Edith and she just

    Feel free to oooh and aww, as I am officially broke and could use
    some right now :roflmfao:.

    I would also love some suggestions for a name for
    Emma's new sister :tender:
    frt.jpg pocket.jpg side.jpg back.jpg frtflash.jpg
  2. Love Emma!
  3. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!!!
  4. She is beautiful - not really coming up with any names ....
    Beatrice, Sadie, Helen, Jane (I am thinking of my British friends)
  5. Ethel :lol:
  6. That's almost as good as Edna :roflmfao:
  7. OMG, she's just BEAUTIFUL!:girlsigh: :love: Love how pebbled and smooshed up she is. I have one on order too and hope she's as gorgeous as this!
  8. She dies looks like an Ethel to me!
  9. OHHH!! Absolutely gorgeous color on the Edith (or... Patsy, Alice, ....). Congrats on that fabulous bag!
  10. Chicbags- Your new Edith is TDF! :love: The scrumples and texture make this bag beautiful. I saw a Fall 06 at Neimans and it just didn't have the same character. It wasn't wrinkly and soft!
  11. I love Ethel too - reminds me of I Love Lucy!!!

    chicbags - we are TWINS - we both have a Whiskey and Chocolate Ediths!
    I kept my chocolate Edith for the same reason you ordered yours. I just didn't like the fall/winter '06 brown color that they're offering. Plus I felt like the chocolate and whiskey bags were such different bags (even though they are both "browns")
  12. That bag is a Bianca for sure. :lol: So lovely.
  13. Nah, that's an Elizabeth! And she's a beauty!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful chicbags! Congrats! Emma & Coco -- she's the wilder sister!
  15. OMG! She is GORGEOUS!! I am going for the obvious choice: Chloe!