L 'Epanoui Colours

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  1. Did the L 'Epanoui ever come in White/Ivory? As I thought I saw a picture of one in that colour. But the website says 'exists in 2 colours' blue & geranium. Gutted! I love the bag in white.:love:
  2. Managed to find an old thread with references to white L 'Epanoui...so next question is, when was white discontinued (if it is)? Wonder what my chances are of getting a new one.
  3. i thought white and black suhali were still available but i could be wrong.
  4. The L'Epanoui has been been discontinued but it's more than likely that LV still has a few white and black ones floating around.
  5. oh :hrmm: thanks for that:flowers: better pay the store a visit promptly then~
  6. I thought it was just the larger L'epanoui that was disc.
  7. ^^oops- that's what I meant :push: Wasn't sure which one she was talking about.
  8. its the PM im talking about. was just confused by the wording on vuitton.com 'exists in 2 colours'. got me thinking was a white ever made. :p im confused lol :confused1: now begins the search for a white one :sweatdrop:
  9. YEs, L'Epa PM released in White, Black, Blue & Geranium. I'm not sure if I ever saw in Sienna, sorry can't remember, but I pretty sure it's never released in Plum :smile: