L.E. without dust bag and care booklet...

  1. I want to have a full family Cerises collection
    (since my name is cherry too...)

    I only have the Cerises Speedy 25 at the moment

    I'm looking at ebay for a Cerises Pochette
    1.Let-trade one is only 239.99, but without dust bag and care booklet
    2. $465, only come with normal dust bag, care booklet don't know
    3. $475 come with red dust bag and booklet and box

    what do you girls think?:angel:
  2. IMO the most important thing is the condition of the purse. It doesn't bother me whether it has the care booklet or not, unless you're planning to resell it in the future.

    You may want to ask LT to see if they can give you a dust bag.

    What are the listings? Why don't you give us the link so that we can see the condition?
  3. the let-trade ones come with the dustbags, even though they say they don't. i found this out recently as well. i'm not sure about the care booklet though.
  4. the one on LT is not in good condition..
    if u click on the cherryies you can see that they are rubbing off
  5. i guess you are right

    but i just what to have everything come with in....to have a complete collection.......
  6. Yes...I see it now......not a good buy

  7. IMO, wait a bit. I've seen Cerises pochettes sold for the $300's...
  8. The one that let-trade has right now is at a great price but has some serious rubbing off on the cerises.
  9. I say wait for the perfect one! :yes: I totally understand how you feel like wanting a whole full set. :P Though the booklet is actually quite useless :P and isn't it the same booklet included in all cerises bag? :shrugs:
  10. what do you girls think of this one......

    Keepall 01
  11. As far as authenticity goes, I have no idea, I'd post it in the auth. thread, but as far as getting one, I love love love love love that bag, one of my favorite keepalls ever, of course I don't have it, but it's one of those bags I desire!
  12. i love this one too......i so WANTED to buy it