L.E. CLUB!!! (Limited Edition)

  1. I see there is no club of this yet so I thought I could start one...
    I´ve got two pieces:

    A perfo orange cles and
    a mono glace wallet (Can´t remember the name)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. ermm I'm sorry but is LE different from discontinued lines? Sorry if I sound stoopid!:wondering
  4. You're right londondolly! It should be the same...
  5. As far as I know,

    Limited Edition: seasonal items and they produce them certain amounts and for short period of time.

    Discontinued line: the items (can be items, color, style,size)used to be in the permanent line but LV decided not to produce it anymore.
  6. Here's my LE piece:
  7. Here are some of my LE items:
    bucket.jpg viennahq.jpg graffitispeedy.jpg graffitialmashq.jpg eyelimited.jpg CDFHQ.jpg cerisesspeedy.jpg
  8. My LE collection :heart:
    Amarene9.jpg DSC06068.JPG DSC06071.JPG DSC06155.JPG DSC06167.JPG DSC06188.JPG DSC01393.JPG graffiti.JPG
  9. Addict, I really like your multicolor eye twins! Gorgeous!
  10. I guess my membership is pending, I've bought a conte de fees musette on eBay, and it has been shipped, but I have no idea when it will arrive because of customs and other stuff. :smile:
  11. Thank you, Dolly!!!:kiss:

    Sweetlove, congrats on you CDF!!!:yahoo:I am doing a happy dance with you!!!:wlae:
  12. I guess these count as LE... they are the Centennaire Edition items (and the Damier Excursion is the special edition one from the Hawaiian Open gold tournament):



  13. Gosh Irene...I just love your Eye pieces!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you, dear!!! Any luck hunting down Eye bags for your collection?;)

    Caannie!!! Those LEs are incredible!!!

    Elle, is your theda blue or khaki? It's STUNNING!!!:love:
  15. Thanks! I can't wait to get it, the only thing I'm not looking forward to is to pay the 25% import tax, but it's sooooo worth it!:yahoo: Btw, I love your cerises speedy and eye love... items! They are so gorgeous :love: I saw my first real life auth. cerises speedy in harrods yesterday, so now it's totally on my want list:love: