"L" by Lolita Lempicka

  1. Earlier in the year there was a thread about this fragrance. I bought some EDP spray today and it is heavenly. :angel: For those who like vanilla and citrus, this is wonderful. The top notes are vanilla and orange. The secondary note smells to me like orange, curry and cinnamon. Then it fades to a slight sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. Sort of hard to describe. I also have Vanille Gourmande by Laura Mercier. It is another vanilla fragrance, but more sugary.

    Anyone here a fan of "L"?
  2. Yes! i have it and it is lovely, but not for everyone. It's definitely in the same chocolatey, heavy family as Angel by Thierry Mugler (the original thick, sweet scent!).

    I adore lolita's first fragrance and wear that everyday... but L is great for a change.

    Hey jburgh, if you like this kind of scent, try Black XS by paco rabanne - it's my new favourite!
  3. I like it very much :smile:
  4. I have it and like it a lot! It's not my everyday fragrance but i still love it! I call it 'Musky Chocolate' heheh
  5. hee hee 'musky chocolate' - that's exactly what it is!
  6. oooo! I love this perfume. BF can't stop smelling me! Haha!