L.a_girl19's Collection

  1. Thank you neeloub!! You are so sweet!:flowers:
  2. ooooh! What material did you SO for your pigalle 120? :nuts: I'm sure it'll look great on ya!!!
    (Sorry if you mentioned it before)
  3. Hehe!! Nope I didn't mention it..its a surprise!!!:p:biggrin: I really hope Paris approves!! I am soooo excited!!!
  4. Great collection!:tup:
  5. Your new Ambertinas are great, OP and they look a good fit on you. I'm sure you were right to go down from TTS, since they will stretch a little. Enjoy your lovely new shoes!
  6. l.a., Such a beautiful collection!

    The Ambertina's are amazing and they look stunning on you!
  7. Thank you so much for the advice !!! Enjoy your collection!!!!
  8. Thank you Stacy, lizziecat, and Jonathan!!!

    Katiya-No Problem :smile:
  9. Great collection! The Ambertinas are absolutely TDF!
  10. Love the ambertinas :love:
  11. Thank you aoqtpi!

    Thanks adctd2onlnshpng-I love the color combo on them..the gold specchio, cranberry and glitter...so prettyyyyy lol P.S I love the pair in your avatar!!!!!!
  12. Congratulations!! love ur collection and the Ambertinas look beautiful on you, great choice.
  13. Thank you sobe :hugs:
  14. ahhh the suspense lol! well I can't wait to see it too! so excited for you!!! :tup:
  15. :nuts::nuts::nuts:I am soo excited...I want to say but at the same time it will be such a good surprise when you guyz see!! :biggrin: