l.a. sale

  1. hi ladies and possibly some gents

    i just got something in the mail... men's and women's ready-to-wear, shoes, hats, gloves. ties and scarves on sale at the l.a. store...

    credit cards only

    tuesday february 26th through saturday march 1

    10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    i don't know if this has already been posted but in any event it deserves a bump up because it is coming up...
  2. i'm quite new to hermès
    how do their sales work?
    i know the leather goods do not go on sale. (right?)
    about ties (or scarves) classic vs. seasonal?
  3. my mom and sister went last time as i was nine months pregnant and really could not deal :smile: they are the ones that got me on the mailing list...
    it was in a separate part of the building on rodeo drive. i think access was through the back. the address on the card is 434 n. rodeo.
    they said there were some bags but mostly seasonal stuff.
    anybody who has actually been? what did you see/experience?
  4. aw that explains the picture
    oh so it's uber exclusive....i see...
  5. Do you need the postcard to get in? My parents didn't mention getting one; but then they wouldn't because they know me! Well, I'll get in! So, if anyone is looking for something in particular, let me know. It's going to have an S on it, of course. If I mail it from the store out of state, there won't be tax! Well, you have a couple of days to let me know. Even if I did reconnaissance on Monday, I don't think I'd get much info on the sales merch.
  6. i don't think it's super exclusive. my mom and sister said there were people lined up outside before it opened and inside was pretty much a mad house! you do not need the paper to get in as far as i know - it says nothing of the sort on the face of it... i don't know if there is a pre-sale before the start date that is super exclusive - there probably is - but i don't have info on that. i don't know how much reconnaissance you can do otherwise - the sale is pretty independent of the store... like, on the day of the sale the store was totally quiet and business as usual with no indication of what was going on in the back/upstairs...

    my info is all through my mom and sister. hermes is their thing. i just thought i would be helpful and post. i'm usually on the prada/jacobs/choo groups and most of the hermes stuff i have is gifts from my mom and/or sister so it would be great if someone who has been to one of these could give more details...
  7. Well, tomorrow is the day! If anyone has any info to share, it would be greatly appreciated! I generally don't go to these types of sales because people act so ugly and rude but I would like to get a few scarves. Wish me luck! :ninja:
  8. oh, good luck!!! do report back as i am definitely not going - i am trying to be on a ban and going to this would be very, very counter productive... but at least i can live vicariously through you!
  9. My goodness Dora, if I had a one year at home, I hope my priorities would be different too! Hmm beautiful baby skin smell or H leather smell? No contest! You stay right where you are and savor every minute! Of course, I'll fill you in and if need be, there might be something left on Wed... :winkiss:
  10. there are two of them actually - a seven month old (the last sale was in june/july) and a two and a half year old!!!

    can't wait to hear what you have to say!!!
  11. Hi all! I had a great time at the sale! There was a long line of mostly well-dressed Asians when I got there, before 10. They only let @60 people up at a time so we had to wait for people to shop, pay and leave before getting in. Inside was stuffy and cramped but not horrendous. The scarves were in bins on the first tables; mousselines- mostly pochettes & few GM, plain cashmere oblongs, thin cash. blend solid oblongs, cash. pochettes, long silk oblongs, few triangles, NO plisses or GM chales, few twillies, 1 silk oblong/angora, many silk twills sorted by cw. Here are the ones I remember: Alphabet Russe, Liberty, Chemins de Garrigues, La Danse, Decoupage, Fleurs de Fuschia, Lumieres de Paris, Plaza de Toros, Paris Modiste, La Rosee, Fleurs et Plumes, Grand Roue, Lujo Criollo, Rodeo des Cowgirls, A Vos Crayons, La Musique des Spheres, Labhlai, Les Coupes, Les Mythologies des Hommes Rouges, Jardin Turmene, maybe Pony Express and several more I can't remember now. There were mini scarf rings in assorted colors, @3 leather H belts, 3-4 pair of leather gloves, woolen mittens and some canvas bucket sun hats with silk ribbon around. Also some cash. blend wide-brimmed hats.

    Then ties sorted by color- lots! Then men's clothes- very limited selection of leather, suede, tweed, canvas jackets. 1 cash. long coat. Some cash. sweaters- thin and bulky, some cords, some cotton ls tees, fine wool henleys, not much. Some limited men's shoes and boots- not John Lobb. Some packaged dress shirts in various colors and fabrics.

    Then women's clothes- beautiful selection of blouses, thin sweaters/tops, tailored canvas jackets with leather piping, mid-weight cash. jackets with tie belts, few long cash. coats, fitted shearling jackets and vests, few fur & suede jackets, few cocktail dresses, chunky cash. tweed trousers w/ matching blazers, some pencil skirts with fine wool blazers, few flowy printed silk tops, assorted cash. sweaters and shells, big chunky knit turtleneck sweaters. Some shoes- high wedge and flat sandals, knee-high heeled boots, slip-on flats.

    There was more but I can't remember now! The line to pay took forever!!
  12. Anything small 3 fold in Leather (barenia good, but I can settle)? I hear Vanessa is taking the kids up to Hearst Chateau for a couple days.
  13. wow! thanks for reporting back :smile:
  14. I usually don't go on the first day of the sale, too much of a madhouse. Glad you had agood time royceag and thanks for reporting back!
  15. Wow Royce, you get the all time memory award or you typed in your handheld as you shopped! Hope you found some goodies. Alas, I was working and have never done well at sales, so I missed it.