L.A. Nightlife

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  1. Im taking a trip to L.A. this weekend....staying at the Beverly Hilton, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on good lounges/clubs to go to...my friend and i are in our late 20's...thanks for the help!!!!
  2. My favorite club in LA is Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd. It's in West Hollywood on the corner of Sunset and Olive. House of Blues is right next door (there is ALWAYS someone wonderful performing there!) and it's pretty close to where you will be staying. The outside pool area turns into a club at night (owned by Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford). It's BEAUTIFUL and very laid back with huge pillows, lounging beds, candles and flowers everywhere with the LA view in the lower background. MANY celebs to be seen (if that's what you're in to).

    There are many good clubs/lounges in LA. I'm sure you will find something to your liking! Have fun! I'll be back in August - CAN'T WAIT!
  3. go to geisha house!
  4. Not sure where all the 20 somethings are hanging out these days but for us old-timers, we still like Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel, The Standard, Chateau Marmont. I do believe all the little starletts are hanging out at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd.
  5. The club LAX is pretty good...
  6. here are the hot spots from this weekend:
    Mood LA - lilo and paris frequent this spot, but a table will cost you around $750.00 with bottle service. It's a small venue but the interior is fabu- with lots of exotic stuff and super luxe design elements.

    LAX has DJ AM spinning on saturday nights - it's a pretty fun crowd but a table of friends will run you around 1100 for around 10 people seated and 3 bottles of vodka and gin I believe. but they will also allow you to mix the tab with various drinks.

    the Highlands has a nice dancefloor
    LOFT - saturday velvet rope night has a smaller venue which is by far my favorite - plus the dj is good and plays a good mix

    Geisha House is ok - not my favorite crowd - blah.

    the standard on sunset has a real swanky louge feel with girls in fishtanks and lots of industry type people

    miyagi's on sunset is a sushi bar with STRONG drinks and generous bar tenders. plus they have karaoki which is way fun. I saw witney and bobby b. get up and do a keith sweat song 'make it last forever' and act super silly once.

    ummmm. this past weekend HOB (house of blues) had Ice Cube. way crazy.

    for latin salsa dancing, hit up the Mayan

    and for intense dance hall reggae flavor, Jamaica Gold is out of control at the Century Club on sunday nights.

    the great thing about LA is that you can go to any of these websites and get in contact with the promoters to get on the guestlist (which I HIGHLY recommend) and you can get in free before 10:30 pm. Which I can never make because I'm always running late.

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heart LA/
  7. ^^Thanks for the tips Monoblu. I will keep this in mind when I'm in LA.
  8. the thing with LA is that the clubs change with the season - so while they are the in thing right now, by the time the gossip rags catch up and papparazzi has infested them, they will be old news lol.

    such drama!
  9. a question - I really want to go to a good house club...I havent been dancing for so long, what is the best one in LA? Ive been to the Geisha but thats more of a bar and I want a proper club.
  10. "house" as in house music?
  11. yeah, sorry house / garage music. I meant good dance music as opposed to cheesy Britney spears or something. My boyfriend only likes dive bars so Ive spent the last 5 months in such delights as boardners / the frolic room etc and now he owes me big time!!
  12. I like Club Century =] haha It was the first club I ever been to and im 16.. so yeah hahaha dont worry! its not filled with teeny boppers. I got in, because my friend knows the manager and stuff its an 18+ club on saturdays and 21+ on fridays.
  13. where is it?
  14. Thanks for the list of clubs Monablu, I will check them out in my next visit:graucho:
  15. You should try out Geisha House or Koi to get the "LA" nightlife dinner...and maybe drinks at the standard hotel? Beautiful place!