L.A.M.B'S in Action!

  1. It'd be fun to see how everyone is wearing their LAMB bags and/or clothing/shoes. OR what would personally crack me up, is your actual LAMB in action lol. What is your L.A.M.B. doing right now?

    Here's my Bullseye Mandeville writing some VBA this morning. Poor little thing. I always make her do the dirty work...

  2. Apparently she's not feeling so good because she threw up her little Lambie guts (Knasarae, she needs you!)

  3. That made me LOL!!!!

    I don't have any LIA pics. I need to work on that!!!!! :tup:
  4. Lol!
  5. My Lipstick Marley Hill taking a nap on the futon. We're visiting the folks.

  6. Does silencing of a lamb count???? :nuts::nuts::lol::lol:
  7. Seeing lil' Marley napping is making me sleepy. And seing him all snuggled up in the Cleveland Browns blanket is making me homesick! I :heart: Ohio! Hope your dad feels better!
  8. I turn my back for ONE minute and Lambie disappears. Where did I find her? In the art department listening to her Ipod. Slacker!

  9. ^^^ :jammin:
  10. cute pics! lol
  11. lol this thread is so funny :smile:
  12. lmao! I was literally laughing out loud and my mom is like what in the world are you laughing at?
  13. Tomorrow I will have pics of my daughter wearing my Saddle Chateau Clutch to her Winter Formal dance....then, on Sunday, I will probably have a pic of me wringing her neck if she loses it!
  14. I turn my back for 5 seconds and Lamb is already causing trouble(and that why i love her) ... beating up her older (but not by much) sis speedy... shame on lambie...

  15. oh she does look like a troublemaker too lol!!