L.A.M.B....Worth it?

  1. In an effort to broaden my collection from the usual LV or Chanel, I've been purchasing purses in brands such as Juicy, Francesco Biasia, and Charles David. Yesterday I was at Nordstroms and decided to scope out the L.A.M.B handbags and I was SHOCKED at their prices. Do any of you think it is worth the price I'm paying? I'm interested in the nude Love-Capri satchel but it retails at $575. That's almost the price of a Speedy. Help! Yay or Nay?
  2. It is all leather vs. the speedy being coated canvas. I have one LAMB I just got it and I love it. It adds a bit of rockstar to my purse collection. But that Nude bag is a beauty. I wouldn't mind the black one if I hadn't gotten a speedy this month... I think it something you could were for a while and not get sick of it. If you love it get it if your so so on it then i wouldn't
  3. Yes, retail is not low on LAMB bags, but you can normally depend on finding some very good sales as long as you don't mind waiting a little bit after the bag you want first comes out. Since the holiday sale season began, I've purchased 3 new LAMB bags, all retailing for $425, for a total of $630.
  4. I was a little taken aback by LAMB prices but they are definitely worth it. I own several LAMB bags and love them. Love the style, love the originality, love the quality. Although I did pay full price in the beginning, I have since gotten several more for way under retail. If you like the bags and do your research (check out our LAMB thread, there's a wealth of information) I doubt you'd have to pay full price for one.
  5. I've gotten all of my LAMB bags on sale (except for one!)... I hardly ever buy a bag at retail, though.

    I think they're great bags, nonetheless.
  6. I know a lot of people have had quality issues with LAMB bags (according to the SA's at my local Nordies), so I've never been able to convince myself to buy one for retail. I've even returned a few I've gotten on sale, just because I thought they would be nicer than they were, especially for the price.

    But if you love the bag, and can find it on sale, I would wait.

  7. I only have one L.A.M.B. bag and I did pay retail for it. Although I love it, I do find it a little pricey. Even my DH thought it was too expensive for a L.A.M.B.(I bought the Kensington Nottinghill), I would definitely try to buy one on sale next time. I do have my eye on a lipstick mandeville;)
  8. I don't have any LAMB bags though I've seen several that I've liked. Admittedly, the only thing that's stopped me is the price: I always wonder, for that much $ am I still going to like this in 5 years? Is it going to look dated or trendy? If you've found one you really love, price is in some ways inconsequential. But if you're hesitating because of price, then I say wait for a sale (I see them a lot on the Nordtrom sale table).
  9. I am in love with LAMB, but admit, I have found most of the bags on sale. That helps.

    I feel this way about many bags over the $500 mark - if they're going to be on sale soon (within the next 3-6 months), then I can wait. So far, I've been able to hold out for the ones I really want at a much better price than retail.
  10. I love LAMB bags, but also think they're overpriced. That's why I held off on buying one until I found a GREAT price on a Lipstick Mandeville last week. Just wait for a sale- they'll seem a lot more "worth it" when the price slashes!
  11. I try to get them on sale whenever I can, but seriously, there are just some LAMB's that I have to have right away. If that's the case, then I try to buy them from Nordstrom because they have an excellent price adjustment policy. But yup, I love LAMB and think they're worth every sale or non-sale penny.....just take a look at my collection! :shame:
  12. Wow...thanks everyone for the responses. I'm not a good person at finding sales or waiting for them but I'll be sure to check on the LAMB threads in the future to find out what and where the sales are at!
  13. If you are near a Nordstrom Rack, they are supposed to be getting LAMB bags at insane prices.
  14. If you near an Off sak 5th, they just got in lots of LAMB bags all at 50% off retail and think they also have a 20% coupon going on.
  15. The 20% is still going on? I thought it ended on Sunday?? I might have to make another trip down there!