L.A.M.B. Wallets...

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  1. I need help :smile:

    I don't live close to a Nordstrom so I always have to go by the pics. online. I am going to purchase a L.A.M.B. wallet in the b&w checkerboard.

    For anyone who has a L.A.M.B. wallet, my question is: Which wallet do you prefer? the zip around clutch w/ the zip and snap pockets inside or the one w/ the clasp pocket inside that doesn't zip around? :confused1:
  2. i prefet the clutch wallet.. no zip.. it's easier to take things in and put things in..
  3. I prefer the clutch wallet as well.
  4. :ty:
  5. #5 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    I have the B&W Check zip around. Its nice, but heavy. I also have the keypouch and I love it.
  6. I have both types and the clutch is definitely easier to use.
  7. i have had both and love the clutch. plus the clutch has the check book holder. the zip does not/.
  8. Zip arounds are a pain, especially if you are in a hurry.