L.A.M.B. wallet from Nordstom sale - I LOVE IT!

  1. I LOVE my new L.A.M.B. wallet! I don't even own her purses but when I felt this soft, soft, leather and smelled that dreamy leather smell, I just HAD to have it!

    I got it two days after Xmas. The SA's couldn't believe it went on sale since it still was full price on Xmas Eve. Originally $300, on sale for $199, I had a $50 gift card so my cost was around $150! I didn't want to spend that much on a wallet but I'd already spent near that much for Coach wallets in the past and this one is MUCH better quality!

    I saw the "matching" purse for this wallet at Off Fifth last week and on sale it was over $650! Yikes!!!

    Nordstrom's also had this wallet in a green color...I found the black one, by chance, buried under another bag...
    lamb_1.jpg lamb_2.jpg lamb_3.jpg
  2. Ooh, I love that! The matching bag would look so stunning with that;) Congrats, it's a gorgeous wallet!
  3. The Lucerne line is very nice. You got a good deal on the wallet! It's very nice!!
  4. Congrats on that beautiful LAMB wallet. And come visit us in the LAMB thread any time. You'll find a helluva a lot more than that wallet! I must warn you though....it's addictive!
  5. Wow! Great deal I love this wallet I need to add it to my wishlist...
  6. Oh God...I don't need more addictions! My newest is Chanel...that is soooo bad!

    How funny is that though?! I carry a LAMB wallet in my Chanel bags!!!:p
  7. It's cool to mix and match. I carry LAMB with my LV's all the time!
  8. i have this wallet and i love it! i bought it full price though, gift from friend. posted about it several weeks ago, i've had it for .... a month and a half now?
  9. this is the wallet that rebecca minkoff saw and told me she liked :smile: she totally recognized the lucerne line as well.
  10. That is a great find. I have a L.A.M.B. wallet and love it, too. Yours is beautiful. Definitely check out the L.A.M.B. thread. It is sooo addicting.
  11. Congrats! That's a really beautiful wallet, and since it's not like the rest of her line (IOW, it's trendy and SCREAMS what it is), it'll last and last and last.
  12. Its so pretty. I do like her line but it doesn't look like it from first glance.
  13. nice wallet!! congratsss..
    i like both the black and green..
  14. :yes: Great wallet. The bag that goes with it is hawt!

    Yes, come on into the LAMB thread, but you might want to hide the contents of the wallet first (cash, cc, etc). - you may find they disappear fast!
  15. Love it!!