L.A.M.B that You Would Never Part with

  1. My L.A.M.B for Lesportsac wallet, hobo, and school bag I will never part with! I got them right when she came out with the line and have been using them ever since. I get compliments on them all the time.
  2. I will keep forever my Saddle Alston!
  3. I thought before I would never part with my Trenchtown satchel but I did and don't regret it. However I would never part with my Saddle Oxford tote - too classic to let go of!
  4. Still can't see myself parting with a few select Mandevilles. I have managed to part with a few but the ones I can't give up are Chain Plaid, Shadow, Green Ombre Chain, and Bullseye. :smile:
  5. I will never let go of my sample green Audrey. Or my Ocelot Bettie :biggrin:
  6. ^Dangit Shannon! When are you going to show us pictures of that beautiful green Audrey? You kill me every time you mention it, LOL. :hysteric:
  7. My rasta esquivel. Love that I can carry it on my shoulder and that I've never seen anyone else with this bag.
  8. My Rasta Grantham! That was my holy grail bag for a LONG time and ended up being my first L.A.M.B bag! Far too much sentimental attachment and I LOVE it to death.
  9. Mark, I was gonna ask for it back lol :p

    j/k But if you do ever want to sell, please offer it to me!!! lol
  10. Aww, Shannon! If it's any consolation she gets fantastic treatment here and I love her very much! She's getting along with all her little L.A.M.B sisters and one of my Coach bags lovingly gave up a dustbag for her! :biggrin:

    .....Oy vey I have too much time on my hands. I need a boyfriend or a life or somethin' :sweatdrop:
  11. I know you love it Mark, that is why I'm so glad it went to you!!!

    You will have too much stuff to do one of these days!!! Careful what you wish for lol :hugs:
  12. I wouldn't sell any of my bags because I don't think I'd get anything like what I paid for them - but I only buy bags I really like and intend to use often and keep my collection small (5 or 6 maximum, and then only get something new when one is truly worn out).

    My favourite of my LAMB items is my Calligraphy Roses Walderston, but I wish I'd found the brand in time to get one in Saddle. I have a key pouch and cosmetic pouch in Saddle but I missed out on the bags.
  13. This is an AWESOME Thread....

    WOW this is really hard....I would say my WL Alston and my Saddle Alston and my Fulani Galloway and Fulani Westfield...:hnsnsn:

    ...and my Malibu Totes

    ...and my Marigold accessories

    ...OMG I could go on and on
  14. Maybe you guys could Time-Share it :idea:

  15. lol
    That is awesome Rahnon :p