L.A.M.B that You Would Never Part with

  1. this is a good one cheryl!

    ive gotten rid of about 5 bags and several wallets. it was hard decisions (just because giving up lamb gives me anxiety) but i made them. i never had used them and they needed to go to loving homes.

    i will never give up:

    my rastas (signed by gwen commodore and my first lux), my exeter that was rehabbed from a hot mess to a gorgeous bag by yvonne, my alston (the holy grail of lamb)!!

    ill also never let go my tavineir. love her! and my music offbeat!
  2. Definately my cheetah grantham. Just because it was such a pain in the bum to find my perfect cheetah bag, and I love it to death. Also my Plaid McGregor, it's pretty rare and again it was something that I searched ages for.

    Plus I'm happy to keep my collection to a minimum, and keep them all.
  3. I have a secret, I have no more L.A.M.B. (even though I love it!) I sold my LS Carlisle last month and now nothing, not even a key pouch. I found a bag I am obsessed with has a zipper compartment in the middle so one is a diaper bag and the other side is my purse. It has pockets on the outside for bottles. I got it at Target for under $40 so I am going to stick with it until my ban is over (or unless DH has an awesome month at work hehe :graucho:)
    Oh, here is the bag I have


  4. I used to think I wouldn't part with my Cheetah mandeville but I think I would now - it's not as roomy anymore as I would like even though I do love the design. I did give away my mocha fadeout to a friend of mine and she carries it a lot! The one bag I will never ever part with is my Trenchtown satchel!
  5. oooh this is an old thread!

    aw, it makes me sad to see my post on the last page, because I'm thinking of selling two of the ones I said I'd never part with! they just became not my style recently...the idea of selling them makes me sad but I really haven't used them in a while and I don't see myself using them soon...
  6. my black capri roma or saddle alston
  7. ^^OMG...Saddle Alston? :faint:

    junebug - I thought it might be interesting to see if some of the Lambies like you who posted the first time around had changed their minds about any bags they once considered "untouchable." Never say never, I guess. I never thought I would part with several bags I've owned in the past but they're long gone. Thankfully I don't miss too many of them. :smile:
  8. HEATHIE02....I have a secret, I have no more L.A.M.B. (even though I love it!) I sold my LS Carlisle last month and now nothing, not even a key pouch.

    WHOA!!!! How do you feel without L.A.M.B. in your life? WHAT happened??? I cant believe you let everything go.....WOW!!!! I support what ever makes one happy. Do you think you are going to get stuff from the Holiday or Spring 2011 line?

    Sorry for all the questions, im just in SHOCK

  9. As for me im KEEPING everything EXCEPT my Cheetah Devon, Cheetah Oxford, Rasta Oxford, Chain plaid cross body and black Deco cross body. As soon as my LIFE slows down and I figure out the whole eBay thing, they are GONE!!! BUH BYE!!! I NEVER use them so I would rather share the love with someone that will.
  10. Heathie, you having no more L.A.M.B. is mind blowing! At least you found a bag that is functional and really works for your needs. But it doesn't stop me from hoping you'll get another L.A.M.B. bag soon! :yes:
  11. Just trying to downsize my bags, and life hehe
  12. I've never sold or given away any of my L.A.M.B bags. I don't use them as much anymore, but they still hold a special place in my heart. So here they will stay until that changes.
  13. A Chain Plaid crossbody?? Drool! I miss out on the Mandeville that was on eBay!
  14. rocksteady - I saw that Chain Plaid Mandeville and was Tempted. You know I LOVE a Mandeville. But I was a GOOD Girl.

    heathie..... :tup:
  15. My Lesportsac signature white on black hella hobo.