L.A.M.B. shoes/clothing - who else thinks its ridiculously overpriced?

  1. I love l.a.m.b. shoes, absolutely love the design and style. But seriously, $295 for a pair of somewhat plain pumps?!?! They are so cuteeee and i want to buy it soooo much, but i cannot justify the price in my mind. So i've been debating for almost a month now about whether i should buy these shoes or not...HELP!
  2. they ARE overpriced, but usually go on sale everyware.
    $300 isn't outrageous for a pair of good shoes, however, I have no idea of the quality. I know that Halls in Kansas City usually has 40 to 75 percent off of the LAMB line.
  3. I agree. Overpriced but they are almost always on sale, often at Loehmann's, etc. Just wait till sale time and you can get some cute stuff at a good price.
  4. I am waiting for a sale!!!! Its not coming fast enough..haha damnit!
  5. I think all L.A.M.B. items are overpriced. I don't see how they can charge that much, they're stuff is nice, but let's face it Gwen Stefani is a singer, not a designer. I can't justify paying that much for any of her stuff.
  6. i think l.a.m.b. is overpriced too, the designs are very cute but i don't think the quality warrants the retail prices. i love some of the bags, but wouldn't pay full price for them.
  7. ... I don't think its overpriced. I did at first but once I bought a bag I cant say they are. The feel she was going for was a higher priced line, not a teeny bopper one like most celebs. She loves fashion and wanted a serious line. LV and alot of other bags are overpriced IMO. That said. Get the shoes from Nordies they will go on sale prob. then get a price adjustment!
  8. This is my biggest pet peeve. I really don't mind paying for good things, but I feel like certain lines have upped their price points in an attempt to compete with the traditional luxury brands. For example (and this was a few years ago), I was in Cole Haan. Love Cole Haan, they have wonderful shoes, but - let's be real - it is not a true high end brand. I picked up a handbag - brown leather, medium size - and looked at the price tag. $795! For Cole Haan. Like, three years ago. I realize that most "luxury" handbags are $1000+ now, but I just could not fathom spending that kind of money on Cole Haan.

    With shoes, I tend to buy either $500+ shoes, or something sub $200. I think the ones that fall in between tend to be expensive because of the name, and not because of the construction. Biggest offender here is J. Crew. I cannot tell you how many times I've picked up a cute pair of shoes at J. Crew that were >$200. I find this outrageous.

    Sorry for the rant. If you love the shoes, buy them. But I think it's almost laughable for LAMB to try to price their shoes at that level.
  9. I have ordered the Daizy in the black. My Nordstrom hadn't gotten them yet, so they are being sent to my home. I really think if you want them, splurge on them! I have 3 handbags, and a ton of her clothes, and I am very impressed with the quality! These will be my first L.A.M.B. shoes, so I am expecting that I will be just as happy with them as I am with her whole line!
  10. Gwen doesn't have the cache to charge what she does. Then again, I doubt the "House of L.A.M.B." will be around in 10 years, so she better reap it in while she can.
  11. i don't think her NAME alone can justify the price, she isn't "armani" or "gucci", etc. but, i don't think that the QUALITY of her pieces are any less worth the price than the "names" that charge the same, or more. the all leather handbags, jackets and other tailored pieces are well made enough for the price they list. the quality is very good. if marc jacobs can get away with charging $1600 for a well made bag, lamb can get away with charging $725 for quality that is nearly that of mj. as far as designer pieces go, lamb is well made enough to call itself "designer", and charge as much as well. personally, i think designer prices are ridiculous, period. coach, LV, you name it. but i'm speaking relatively here.
  12. my local Nordstrom rack has a ton of LAMB shoes on sale - definitely cute and of decent quality (at least, compared to most <$200 shoes out on the market). i am pretty particular about my shoes (i tend to stick to the italian and french designer labels, otherwise they better be from marshalls!) but i recently discovered that LAMB clothing is much better than i imagined it'd be! i recently bought a few pieces on sale (a crepe top, bubble skirt, and silk pantsuit) and i absolutely LOVE the cut, fit, and fabric on all three! the workmanship is quite good - i have to say i am impressed with gwen's mass production quality control! :smile:
  13. but those shoes are absolutely gorgeous..
  14. hollywould- let me know how the shoes are when they come in!!! I haven't seen them in person, since none of the Nordstrom near me has any and i'd really like an opinion of someone who has seen it in person!!!
    But yes...those are the cutest shoes ever. I think i'll end up buying them and do what andicandi said...price adjust it when it goes on sale!
  15. I know www.revolveclothing has them and you could use this code to get 25%off DCREVOLVEH07 if that doesn't work use REVOLVEPEOPLE07 for 20%off if that doesn't work JT gives 15% off I know JT still works.