L.A.M.B Shoes-- anyone has them?

  1. The Revolve sale is great and I got this L.A.M.B Oxford Pumps for around 60% off! Just wondering how is the quality of this brand? I know some folks rave about the bags but how are the shoes? Where are L.A.M.B shoes made? I would be disappointed if they were China-made (just that quality isn't so good)...
  2. Sorry, I missed the attachment. Here goes..
  3. Nobody has L.A.M.B shoes? :nogood:
  4. I think they are cute! I know the bags are made in China but I dont know about the shoes.
  5. Those are cute shoes! I like LAMB, but I think its really over priced...
    I don't know anyone who has them, but it sounds like you got a good deal.