L.A.M.B Sailor Trousers - What to wear with them?

  1. I finally tracked down these L.A.M.B. pants in my size. I like the idea of wearing them with a dark red turtleneck and a pair of dark red Dior sandals that I have. Do you think pairing the navy with red will be too sailor-ish? :p I like the idea of it, but it may not look so hot in person.

    Any other suggestions for tops and shoes to wear with these pants? They make quite a statement on their own, with the oversize buttons and wide leg. Any help from the tPF style mavens would be appreciated :love:

  2. I think a red or blue turtleneck on its own would be too sailor-y, or too disco depending on the rest of the outfit. I would put the pants with a red turtleneck - either a bright crimson or a burgundy, nothing pale - and then a black and white plaid cropped jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, so its hem would be just at the top of the pants. Or, it would look nice with a cropped black pea coat-style jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and a patterned silk scarf tied around the neck. Hope this helps! I love those pants, they make me think of Katharine Hepburn.
  3. LOL at too disco! :lol: Thanks for the style advice, Mr. C - love it! Now I'm wanting a cropped plaid jacket ;) The turtleneck is a dark red/almost burgundy, so at least it's not fire engine red. If it was, all I would need is the white and blue sailor hat with gold braided trim :lol:

    I might have to take photos of different tops and shoes with the pants (when they arrive) and post them here for advice. Hmm!
  4. Oh wow. What a great pair of trousers to play with! If I were you, I would totally go for a crisp white shirt (tucked into the trousers) that has got some detail at the top or with a little puff sleeve. I think wearing this pair of trousers with a Chanel tweed jacket would look so fabulous, of course, with a great pair of chunky heels. - don't do something too thin, 'cos you need something chunky and heavier to anchor the look down.

    If you wear this pair of trousers with a simple vest (or tank top, if you may call it that), it'll look so stylish for summer! Of course, it's winter now, so a great swing pea coat or a cropped jacket, as mr c pointed out, would look great with this!

    (and this can match you olive birkin easily!)
  5. ^ Thanks, vogue! What great suggestions. I love the idea of the crisp, white shirt. I will definitely try that when they arrive.

    I'm in Florida, so it's always tank top weather here! If I wear the pants with a tank top, I'd pair the outfit with flat sandals (I have different pairs in black, white and brown) and of course, the birkin ;)
  6. I was gonna say this too... a white shirt would look wonderful with the trousers...
    I L-O-V-E the trousers by the way!!!
    post pics when you're wearing them!!!!:tup:
  7. I'm bumping this thread beause I received the trousers and had them hemmed. Today is my first time wearing them. They fit perfectly :nuts: Today I paired them with a DvF wrap top, my black Manolos and the Birkin.

    Later today I'm going to explore in my closet to see what else I can wear them with - probably most of my basic tees and tops. I ordered a super cute 3.1 Phillip Lim cropped jacket from Nordstrom (I have $200 in gift cards!) that was marked down to $129 from $395. It should be arriving today, and I think it will look great with the trousers.

  8. ^Oh wow! You look fabulous.
  9. white turtleneck with the red dior shoes would look awesome!
  10. Oooh, I'm liking this idea :nuts:

    Thanks, lelgin! :heart:
  11. a white boatneck tee would look really nice
    I can also see them paired with the MbMJ demiwedges in red or blue (on sale at NAP for $106!)

    P.S. L.A.M.B. SS08 has some cute blazers that would look cool paired with these pants
  12. I like this look a lot! Those greens go really well with the blue, particularly with the blue in the pattern on the shirt.