L.A.M.B. Repair?

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  1. I just posted in the welcome section, but maybe someone in the L.A.M.B. world will be able to help me as well?

    I'm trying to find the right place to inquire about my L.A.M.B. Oxford Lipstick Saddle bag.

    The handles on this bag are starting to split at the buckle holes, and I really feel as though this shouldn't be happening. (I've only had the bag for about a month now)

    I have the Oxford in sliver too...and I just ADORE this bag (Also have the Mandeville Satchel in Saddle and Rasta...I truly believe in the L.A.M.B. brand). It's just perfect, which is why I am so distressed about the handles on the lipstick bag.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to who I can write to or take the bag to, to have it "fixed?" Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!!!
  2. Can you please post a photo of the damage? I've done a few repairs on my bags personally... maybe something can be done, I have a silver oxford and have no splitting in any of the buckle holes... hm.
  3. must be the patent! another reason I should take back my marley hill and keep my mandeville..
  4. Yea, i'm t hinking it's because of the patent also.. it's more brittle and gives less
  5. Hi Ladies,

    Yes, it is the Patent one...My Silver Oxford is perfect in every way. Thank you for the advice...sorry I didn't post the picture!
  6. Duh! Here is the picture...it's happening on just about all the buckle holes, but this one is by fat the worst. Probably the only downfall with this bag (just so you aren't discouraged away from the style!)
  7. ugh that sucks I'm sorry GwenRox! Send it in and I'm sure they will fix it. Did you contact Schifter & Partners?
  8. wow that is bad..:wtf:
  9. Hm.. are you sure the leather is splitting the whole way through? or is it just the top shiny portion?

    there really isn't much you can do for that... do you carry a lot of heavy stuff??
  10. Hey!

    Yes, I did contact via the email address, but have not heard back. HMPF. Keep your fingers crossed.

    And in response to Luna, aside from my wallet...nothing too heavy, a day planner every now and again. I'm sure the weight does factor in, but still, one would think it would hold up a lot better (considering the amount the bag costs).

    Thanks again ladies!
  11. They might say normal wear and tear..most repairs have been for the closure not being a magnet etc.
  12. Let us know how it goes! I'm crossing my fingers for you :yes: