L.A.M.B. Presale @ Nordstrom

  1. OMG! Just returned home from a lovely trip up to Nordstrom in Riverside, California where I got the 'back door' treatment! ha ha :graucho:

    I was able to presale from the selected anniversary sale bags and what a bargain they are!

    I got the Esquivel in Saddle for $335 (originally $500), the Cheetah signature clutch wallet for $170 (orig. $275) and two coin purses, one in Saddle & one in Cheetah for just under $56 each (normally $85)!!!!

    I was shown the selected purses available for presale and they included the Oxford, Esquivel & Grantham. All were available in the Saddle, Cheetah, Rasta or Silver signature prints.

    If anyone has trouble finding out how to presale, please let me know! My sales lady Jo said she would gladly take orders for presale over the phone! :smile:
    _5435134.jpg saddleesquivel.jpg
  2. MissN, was the Kingston, Montego, Mandeville, Alston available, and were they on sale? If so, what colors? Are the coin purses you were referring to the LV cles-like accessories?
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: your poor hubby

    Hi chicky :p
  4. They were being really tight lipped about the Kingston and Montego. The Montego should be out at the end of the month but the Kingston is probably late August. :sad: I also heard that some Saks have the Montego in Cheetah but haven't found one yet!

    I haven't heard anything about the Alston yet. They had the Mandeville but it's not part of the sale. :crybaby:

    The coin purses are TDF! Presale price is $56!!! They also had the Silver/Black! Here's a pic.....
  5. Are you kiddin' me?! He was actually HAPPY! :yahoo: This is the first time being able to score some L.A.M.B. on sale! Basically it was like buying a bag and getting the coin purses and wallet for free! :wtf:

    Maybe I can talk him into getting the Commodore now...since he saved so much $$$$!! LOL :sweatdrop:

    Hi Doll. ;)
  6. cashmere of Geneva has some of the new ones - they have the Montego in Black/Silver. Had some Cheetah bags, too, Mandeville and can't recall what else. If Nordie won't have some of these on sale, at least Cashmere has no tax (unless you are in their state) and free shipping...
  7. LOL Exactly!! I like the way you think!!! I was thinking about that just a few minutes ago!!! :tup:
  8. Heyyy Riverside! That's where I live. I remember I got the backdoor treatment one time for the Juicy presale..

    Good ol' SA George
  9. --Yeah we are both NUTS LOL! I ordered the Montego, and the Cheetah Mandeville, and from Shopbop I ordered the Kingston AGAIN, beccause I was an idiot and sold the one I had, and regretted it.

    I am on a permanent purse ban. Really, I have to be done for a good long while.

    And no more new LV. Onle pre-loved, if at all.
  10. Just wanted to say that i got to see all these bags yesterday as well, and they are great! The coin purses are especially adorable :smile:
  11. I pre-ordered the Esquivel in Silver, I'm so excited I can't wait for it to get here! It was so hard for me to pick whether I wanted the Cheetah print or Silver print - I wasn't expecting them both to be so beautiful!

    The only thing that made me a little sad was that to show me what it looked like they only had the Esquivel in the Cheetah print not Silver. They had to order it for me, so I'm dying to see what it looks like.:crybaby:

    And I'm kicking myself for not ordering one of those coin purses while I was there! But I'd already spent $350 and I figured I'd done enough damage already lol. Watch me end up ordering it online when the sale starts!
  12. Congrats! I can't wait to see yours and Chessmont's new L.A.M.B.'s!!!!! We are all very crazy lucky girls! LOL

    Speaking of lucky, I did manage to take a pic when I was at Nordies....so here is what your new bag is going to look like....GORGEOUS! :yes:
    lambcheetah.jpg 004.jpg
  13. Ooo, there it is in the back! Thank you so much for posting that! I'm saving it so that I can fawn over it everyday until the real thing gets here LOL!

    From looking at that pic it looks like the one you went to was fully stocked - the one I went to was practically barren! I really wanted to see the Saddle print but they were totally out. And they only had one Rasta bag left (a Devon). Everything else was Cheetah and Silver, amd of those there was maybe 3 of each print left. The SA told me that LAMB bags sell fast - I guess she wasn't kidding. I'm surprised you actually got to see a full display lol.
  14. Well that pic was taken about 2 weeks ago, the day they hit the floor at my Nordies. My sales lady told me that 3 days later, the Cheetah & Silver were gone!

    When I presaled on Saturday, all they had left were one Cheetah in the St. Thomas Tote and two Lucca's in Brown/Navy and Black!! :wtf: I guess it goes as soon as it hits the shelves so we are all very lucky to have snagged ours.....and at GREAT prices too!!!! :yes:
  15. Such great deals. Will they have the new rowington saddle bag for the sale? I really wanted to presale but you have to be pre-selcted, right? I just got my Nordies card a few months back so I know I don't qualify. My Nordie's isn't helpful at all at answering my questions. Are there any other ways to pre-sale? I know what I want.