L.A.M.B. Perfume

  1. Anyone try it? I smelled the sample in a magazine this month. Surprisingly, its not bad. But of course I would go to the store to smell it. Is is overly sweet? I don't like very sweet scents. I hate Pink Sugar or anything really with Vanilla in it. I don't want to smell like food.
  2. I really want to try this. The ads are gorgeous!
  3. Havent tried it but Im quite interested in what it smells like. im always curious about celebrity endorsed scents even though I have yet to buy one.
  4. I really want to try this as well! I love the bottle!!
  5. i can't wait to smell this scent, if i like it, i will definitly buy it!

    i read a review of all the latest celeb scents in a magazine this week, and they rated this and the SJP's 'covet' as the best ones.
  6. I smelled "Covet" yesterday and didn't like it. I don't usually like celeb perfumes anyway. I am going today to Nordstroms and hopefully they have it.
  7. I got a sample when I had a cold so I didn't smell much :push:
  8. I liked the sample I got in a magazine, hated it when I tried it at Nordstrom. This was a week or more ago, so I don't really remember, but I don't think it was sugary.
  9. The ad's that I've seen in magazines are really gorgeous, but I haven't smelled it yet. Next time I stop into Nordies, I'll have to take a whiff!
  10. I got a chance to smell it, I don't like it.
  11. I liked the sample I found in the magazine but like a few of you have already mentioned, it might smell differently at the store.
  12. I also loved it in the mag but didnt like it at the store.... :yucky:
  13. i got it!! i really like it
    i would compare it to benefits maybe baby
    it is similar i think
    i really like it & i only spray a lil bit on & it lasts
    all day
    i have a tendency to sensitive to perfumes
    some give me really bad migraines
    but this is a good 1
    & i love love the bottle
  14. I was very excited to try this and wanted so bad to love it but I hated it when I smelled it at Nordstrom.