L.A.M.B. Oxford Owners....Enable Me!!!!


Which Print for the LAMB Oxford?

  1. Rasta is sofa king hot! You can never have to many!

  2. *

    Saddle. It's classic.

  3. Silver: It's classic also.

  4. Lipstick...punches it up in a classy way.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Okay, so I recently purchased the Jen Jacquard bag only to find that it was not the shoulder bag for me. I"m trying to wait until the summer to snag a Shadow Marley Hill on sale so right now between the return and some stuff I'm about to sell off on eBay, I have some money burning a hole in my pocket.

    I was able to play with the Oxford at my Off 5th, but all they had was Cheetah and I don't want that print. I doubt my chameleon insert will fit but since there are three sections I'm confident I can stay organized. Sooooo, help!!!

    First off: What print should I get? Obviously Silver and Saddle would go with most of my wardrobe. I tend to wear more warm colors than cool so that leans more towards Saddle. Lipstick is cool but I already have a Lipstick Marley Hill and Mandeville and we know how I like to diversify! I see Rasta here and there on eBay...but don't I have enough Rasta already? (Mandeville, Esquivel & Cyprus). Hmmm, what does that leave? I don't like Ombre Checkerboard and White Leopard is a no-no for a clutz like me. So I guess my choices are:

    Does the Oxford come in Bullseye?

    So anyhoo, please tell me all the things you love about your Oxford (and what annoys you). And help me decide if I should add one to my LAMB family!

    Here are the Oxfords from left to right: Rasta, Saddle, Silver, Lipstick

  2. I'm voting for the Lipstick and Regular Saddle. However, I don't own one yet. Can I still enable?

    Speaking of enabling, Can anyone who owns a Shadow Oxford (oh you know who you are!!) Post modeling shots in the pictures thread, OR list what outfits you wear with the shadow? I love it but am having a hard time thinking of things to wear it with.
  3. do you have any silver lambs? I love this color and find that it matches so much and really complements an outfit. If you don't have anything silver yet, I say go for that one! I would vote no for the rasta since you have three items in that already, and I know you have a couple lipstick pieces so you probably want to stay away from that one too....(although it is pretty stunning). Hm...that leaves the saddle and the silver I guess? This totally isn't helping and now I'm rambling...:shame:
  4. what about the shadow one? the patent on that is so pretty! :love:
  5. lol, of course I'd still love to hear your opinion dollyrusso! I'm leaning towards Saddle too, but I think that one will be the hardest to find. *Sigh* Does it ever end? I could've sworn I was on a ban the other day, lol
  6. oh no you put up a poll! is there any way I can vote for two? or three?
  7. Well, I have a silver marley hill. i carried it all last week and loved it. BUT, it was harder to pick out clothes since I tend to wear a lot of colors in the tan/cream/brown/cognac color.
  8. No because if everyone does that I'll probably end up buying more than one! :p
  9. hmmmmm....hearing what kind of colors you wear I am leaning towards the saddle now. Like your poll says...it's a classic
  10. I still haven't officially voted yet though because I'm the most indecisive person ever! Like you said though, finding the saddle will probably be somewhat of a hunt...hm, I'm trying to think of where you would find one...off 5th? eBay?
  11. There are a couple on Ebay right now. My local Off 5th didn't have any so I'd have to wait until someone found one at another. *sigh*
  12. hmmmm....knowing that there are some hanging around makes enabling all the much easier! do you have any saddle pieces? I think my vote is now definitely for saddle
  13. Saddle, because it will go with more of your outfits. But i voted for Silver because I didn't read through the whole thread before I voted.
  14. I haven't voted in your poll yet because Shadow isn't even one of the choices!

    There is however a saddle oxford on ebay right now, I believe, sooo if you're gonna go for saddle, I'd go for that one!!

    Knasarae, I can only use the process of elimination. I say no to the rasta, you've got enough rasta, same goes for lipstick..
    It's between saddle, silver, or shadow.

  15. Yeah... I didn't put Shadow cause I want the Oxford to be an everyday bag/tote hybrid. If I get something in Shadow it won't be a print that I carry that often based on my wardrobe. Plus Shadow is full price...I'd rather wait til that goes on sale in the summer or ends up at Off 5th or NR or whatever ya know? SO, it looks like Saddle is in the lead!