L.A.M.B. Organizational Skills

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Jun 14, 2007
My friend lives at norwalk and whittier too! And yes you should know it! lol. You should def go there!! It's in the same shopping center that food 4 less is in. It's small. They carry all kinds of really cute things. Especially the hl! Bags,clothes, they also carry jewelry. Oh and they also carry the angry little girls line.
I got my sis a couple of their bags and a wallet. I tell her that the angry little girl looks like her lol!
<---Me likes the Angry Girls. :graucho:


Thanks Bishes $$$
Sep 23, 2007
Yeah i love that angry little girl! She cracks me up! And now i want to get my sis some angry shirts! lol. She just reminds me of her so much! lol. Shhh, Don't tell her i said that! :P