L.A.M.B. on sale at saks off 5th

  1. FYI Was at woodbury commons today, Saks was having a huge sale. They had the cheetah pattern in 5 different styles and also 4 other patterns of the L.A.M.B. bags all at 50% off their orginal prices and they have a 20% coupon that is good in the store and you can use it on these bags.
  2. I went today! I had a blast!
  3. booo the Camrello one was not doing this sale today i was there :sad: i just got my 20% off... weird...
  4. 50% off the orig retail or off of the off fifth prices? Thanks!!
  5. i think the 50% off is only for cashmere or sweaters or something, there is a promotion going on where there is the 20% off everything in the store and if you buy cashmere it is an additional 30% for that item

    edit: nevermind, i think the op meant 50% off the original retail, I also got an email with the promotion that I mentioned above
  6. Thanks for saving me the trip. I packed up and was headed there. Someone please PM me when Sak in So. Cal. does 50 % then 20% off. Thanks