L.A.M.B. on Gilt - Oct. 8th

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  1. Lots of new stuff....LAMB for Life, Graffiti, etc!
  2. Pretty decent prices (especially on the Nylons), but the recent collections have sucked.
  3. CRAP NOT AGAIN!!!!!
    and i am buh-rooookeeee :cry:
    but....at least i have a leopard coventry on the way.....it needs to get here already dammit! :love:

    btw--does anyone else think it's funny how the graffiti still hasn't shown up in 'regular' stores but it's already at gilt and loehmann's etc....maybe the graffiti is one of the infamous "outlet-only" styles
  4. ^ by now I am guessing the Graffiti is outlet only, it's been at the outlets for quite a while now! I hate it so no complaints here.
  5. I love graffiti. Hopefully I can get a cheap Williamsfield the outlets
  6. I think it's kinda cute. Not sure I could do a bag in it but I would love a key pouch in it!
  7. ^ ahhh...i need a graffiti key pouch, too! :P
    ....and speaking about a print that's insane on a big bag but perfect on a tiny accessory...i need a a key pouch in the "I :heart: LAMB" print, as well!