L.A.M.B. Non-Magnetic Clasp Question

  1. For those of you who have the original non-magnetic interlocking L clasp on their lambs, I was wondering how finicky they are? Do they all eventually become loose or stiff or is it the kind of thing where if you get a good one it stays good? Please give me any kind of input or advice, I really need help making a decision on a bag!
  2. I'm not sure, I just got a silver french wallet. It has a little ball magnet thingie, is that what you mean? Its on the inside of one of the L's. I have the french cheetah wallet and it has the full magnetic closure and I really like how it closes. The silver one on the other hand is sometimes frustrating because you have to press it shut and it sometimes takes a second compared to the other. I noticed though that the silver non-magnetic clasp has a screw on the one side so I think you can tighten it if it gets loose or anything. Hope that helps!
  3. Heres some pictures, the first two are the silver, the others are the cheetah. The first cheetah picture has a shiny spot where the little ball thingie would be but its just shiney there.
    02-03-08_1509.jpg 02-03-08_1508.jpg 02-03-08_1511.jpg 02-03-08_1512.jpg
  4. thanks for pointing out that there is a screw to tighten the closure, that is really helpful to know. And I never knew that some of the wallets came with fully magnetic clasps! I always thought that they were all like your silver one. Thanks a lot for the pics and info!
  5. I have a saddle mandeville and it has that lock. I have posted pics in the pics thread. I hate the closure, but what can I do. I cant return it. It does not stay closed at ALL. The wallet I just bought from Nordies is the same way, no magnet..It stays closed, but opens just tooooo tooooo easy. I am gonna keep it though as I wont be able to find another one.
  6. hm...I'm seriously debating this. The bag is a dream bag but in reality, the clasp is a working part of the bag where you have to use it in order to open the bag (not like for instance, the oxford or something where you could technically just not use the pocket and keep it closed forever) so maybe I'll have to pass it up :crybaby:
  7. Yea. there were a few bags at the sample sale back in november that I almost picked up along with the stuff that I did buy, but i investigated a little further and saw they had those older clasps... so i passed them up..
  8. I have a few of the non-magnetic clasp bags and they've never given me any trouble. :tup:
  9. I ordered a mandeville from plazatoo but ended up retuning it- It had the older clasp and it would NOT stay closed. If I connected it, the second I moved the bag, it came right undone and the latch would just hang there. After much debating, I just decided to return it- No bag is worth that much hassle/frustration. I really dont understand how that particluar design EVER made it in to production- the quality was just not good, KWIM?
  10. I forget who originally posted this in the main L.a.m.b. bags thread, but I thought it would be a good idea to post it here as well in case anyone needs the info...

    " For anyone that has an original Mandeville bag in Saddle, without a magnet holding the strap closed (mine doesn't stay closed anymore):

    A Nordstrom SA told me to email a rep from Schifter and Partners (maker of L.A.M.B. handbags). Just email their customer service rep Jennifer at jsoranno@schifterpartners.com to ask for a repair. "