L.A.M.B. Montego or L.A.M.B. Mandeville? Or BOTH?!! ha ha ha


Montego, Mandeville, Both or Stay married and don't live in a cardboard box?

  1. Montego?

  2. Mandeville?

  3. Both!!

  4. Cardboard Box!! Who needs shelter anyway when you have a great handbag!

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  1. Okay, so I've already picked up the Bullseye Mandeville, but just saw that the Montego is coming out in the Bullseye, so do I ditch the Mandeville and pick up the Montego? Or do I get the Montego too and live outside in a cardboard box? Because that's totally where I'm going if I bring another flippin' LAMB into this house. Or so my dh says. :shame:

    OMG I just realized, I'm not gonna be the old lady that lived in her shoes! I'm gonna be the old lady that lived in her bags!!!!!!!!!!! :wtf: :push: :lol:
    93e4_1.JPG lambie.jpg 003.jpg
  2. Oh boy, I voted for both. We can build a cardboard condo and be roommates:lol:

    I'm kinda glad the Asti got cancelled because my husband would not have understood that it was GREAT deal lol!

    By the way, Heather at shopsavoytruffle said there aren't going to be bullseye key Pouches or Cosmetic bags. I'm kinda bummed about that
  3. I voted for mandeville. It was a though choice! But I think maybe you can see a little more of the bullseye on the mandeville.
  4. I like the shape of the Mandeville much more. I'm not into the tall skinny bags (like the Montego), I feel like they always fall over in a very unglamorous way.
  5. lmao! Wow this is a tricky one! I was voting for the Mandeville. Classic. But how many Montegos do you have already? LOL, guess I'm not the best example for diversification since I'm collecting Marleys. Hmmm, ok. *sigh* This is too much pressure!

    Ok. Final Answer: both and a cardboard complex as I'll be joining you and dolly.
  6. I love the Mandeville, so that's what I voted for!
  7. While I love the Mandeville, I think the Montego looks great in Saddle Bullseye.....
    I'd get both and deal with the fallout later!

    So ladies, move over and make room for one more in that box! I'm movin' in!:lol:
  8. Knasarae is coming to live with us so we'd better start looking for an industrial refrigerator size box for all of us and our bags!!! LOL

    Thanks ladies! Keep voting...it's confusing me more than ever!! ha ha ha:p
  9. Oh crap! Now we're gonna need another box just for your collection!! ha ha ha :lol::lol:

    And 'fallout' made me LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  10. I'm going against the crowd here and saying the Montego. I just really like the shape. I think it's something you odn't see as often as the Mandeville shape. I don't know it's a tough call. I think it's gonna have to be both!!!
  11. LOL I think you're right! I don't know if I can part with my Mandeville, but the Montego has those nifty little pockets inside and the shape is so cool, like a 'witch doctor bag'. Or at least that's what my daughter calls it. :lol:
  12. I do love the Montego shape also. It's very tempting for me right now in White Leopard (lord, like I need another one wl bag lol). The Montego IS really unique with the bullseye print.

    Yvonne LOL!!! "Deal with the fallout later" :roflmfao: Thats my motto (It may also be on my gravestone if I'm not careful!)
  13. I hate to add to your confusion MissNovember but. . . junebug just posted a Montego in the Guts thread and I don't know about everyone else but I'm sold!
  14. Me, too! junebug's guts post of the Montego was awesome! Voting for the Bullseye Montego! Twice!
  15. i voted both :smile: