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    "Stefani's L.A.M.B. Grows the Mix
    By Khanh T.L. Tran
    LOS ANGELES — Gwen Stefani is adding to her entourage with the holiday debut of handbags for her two-year-old contemporary label, L.A.M.B.

    Stefani, the singer who designs clothing and accessories for L.A.M.B., as well as for her lower-price streetwear label, Harajuku Lovers, is melding her knack for youth trends and love of European luxury in L.A.M.B.'s 33 styles, which will hit retail floors on Dec. 1.

    The collection is divided into two groups, Signature and Love, which are differentiated by materials and colors but unified by a theme emphasizing "irreverent luxury," according to Tim Schifter, chairman and chief executive officer of the four-month-old accessories company, New York's Schifter + Partners, which is collaborating with Stefani to produce the line. Stefani is a minority shareholder in Schifter.

    The Signature set is designed in canvas that is printed with a diamond pattern interspersed with the letter "L" in old English script and portraits of a lamb wearing a crown. It is available in saddle brown or what L.A.M.B. refers to as ombré Rasta, which fades from green to yellow to red. In the Love collection, chunky brass padlocks plated in gold tones and leather tassels dangle from oiled leather handbags in black, stone and white. Both groups integrate a black-and-white striped faille lining, white leather or burnout velvet trim running down the center and an enameled metal plaque in a robin's egg blue.

    "I designed the bags for myself," Stefani wrote via e-mail in the middle of a packed schedule taking care of her 11-week-old son, Kingston, and working on a second solo album.

    At the same time, she said she wanted to create a wide range of sizes and styles so that every need can be met. "I wanted to create everyday bags that were wearable, classic and timeless," she added.

    Schifter hopes the L.A.M.B. handbag collection will hit the sweet spot between mall-based mass retailers and designer labels.

    "Women today are dressing younger and more contemporary as they get older," Schifter said. "There's opportunity for enormous growth in the contemporary market because the consumer base has grown."

    Core handbag styles average from $395 to $550 for the Signature collection and $550 to $700 for the Love line, although there are less expensive items such as $75 key pouches.

    While the owner of LeSportsac, Schifter collaborated with Stefani on three collections of L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac bags that generated about a third of the company's more than $100 million in annual wholesale sales. In November 2005, New York's Accessory Network Group and Japan's Itochu Corp. acquired LeSportsac — which was founded by Schifter's parents in 1974 — reportedly for more than $100 million. Upon the expiration of a six-month nonsolicitation restriction prohibiting Schifter from directly or indirectly soliciting customers of LeSportsac products, Schifter began meeting with retailers to introduce and take orders for the L.A.M.B. handbag collection late last week during New York market.

    Schifter + Partners also is working on handbags and small leather goods for Harajuku Lovers, being launched in September with a target of 450 doors, and for Jill Stuart, bowing next spring. Schifter said before year's end he plans to announce an accessories deal with a fourth U.S. fashion brand that will debut in the fourth quarter of 2007.

    Schifter said L.A.M.B.'s clothing, which is sold by retailers such as Kitson, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's, has paved the way for accessories. Since the clothing line bowed in spring 2004, Stefani has introduced L.A.M.B.-brand watches, and shoes for women and babies. An eyewear license is in the works.

    "The L.A.M.B. customer is extremely loyal," said Erin Crandall, head buyer for Shopbop.com, which is based in Madison, Wis., and has a buying office in New York.

    Crandall said L.A.M.B. is one of Shopbop's strongest lines. Still, she passed on carrying L.A.M.B.'s shoes because they were too edgy and masculine to complement the line's top-selling feminine looks. She predicted that her customers would like the handbags, however. Shopbop currently carries styles priced between $400 and $700 from brands like Kooba, Botkier and Gustto. As the contemporary and designer handbag markets begin to overlap in price, she said, "entering a market right now and having a great bag that retails for under $500 is a good thing."

    Schifter plans to limit distribution for L.A.M.B. bags to 250 doors in department and specialty stores in the first season. During the first two days of showing the L.A.M.B. collection, he said Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Kitson and Holt Renfrew, among others, ordered the line. He plans to expand the distribution of the bags to France, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea for fall 2007. During a visit to Los Angeles earlier this month, he was scouting a location on Melrose Place for a design studio and showroom for Schifter + Partners."
  2. "
    Gwen's Big L.A.M.B
    Stefani and Schifter's luxe new bags

    Eschewing a star-studded party that would undoubtedly have been hounded by paparazzi clamoring for post-baby photos, Gwen Stefani opted for a calmer, more intimate affair Thursday, when she and Tim Schifter launched their higher-priced L.A.M.B handbag collection. An exclusive group of retailers and editors were on hand for the hour-long event, held at the four-month old Schifter + Partners Showroom in the Flatiron District. Even Kingston, Stefani’s three-month-old son with husband Gavin Rossdale, was present, cradled in a stroller adorned with camouflage-print canvas. The cozy space, lined with wall-to-wall shelves displaying the 33 different styles of handbags, was anchored by four large white fiberglass tables, inspired by the trunks bands use when on tour, according to Schifter. The bags, which retail for $395 to $700, will make their debut on December 1. The Daily chatted with Stefani and Schifter on the collection and their upcoming Fashion Week plans.
    Gwen, who is this new L.A.M.B girl?
    Gwen: The L.A.M.B girl is me, and it’s always going to be me. It’s funny because when I look back at what we did before, those bags were so me at the time, but with limitation, because it was a collaboration and there was only so much room to flex. By the end of it all, we were really outside the box, and now, years later, I’ve grown up and want the quality to be on par with the things I wear right now.”
    Tim, take me through the idea behind these bags. You wanted bags that were familiar in shape…
    Tim: The idea of the collection first of all was to create something timeless, something classic and with an irreverent twist. That’s why going into the design process, we came up with a concept that we really tried to stick with as we came up with the collection group: style after style, leather after leather. The bags themselves are closer to the European luxury feeling than the American contemporary handbag category. I think they’re highly differentiated but priced in the contemporary. Gwen’s unique personal take on fashion incorporated her signature elements like Rasta colors and the old English lettering. For spring, we’re incorporating velvet into the collection. For this first launch, there are two collections—the Signature collection and the leather collection which is called Love. The reaction has been phenomenal. We were going to launch it for Spring 2007 delivery but the retailers wanted it for holiday.”
    You’ve doubled the doors that the bags will be launched in. What are they?
    Tim: We’re launching nationally with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel’s, Holt-Renfrew in Canada, eluxury.com, and in a select group of specialty stores like Intermix.

    Tell me about your synergy with each other.
    Gwen: Tim came to me and asked if I wanted to design, and that was a stroke to my ego. I’d never collaborated with anyone outside of music, and I’ve learned so much from him because he’s so passionate and gets things perfectly. I blend really well with that, with people who love what they do. It was hard in the sense that we had this open forum and we could do what we wanted, and with the quality, the sky’s the limit. He was really helpful in helping me edit and get it through the inspiration and narrow down the different themes. He’s good at that part and I’m good at saying, ‘I want this and I want that.’ Tim reeled it all in and here we are. It’s so beautiful to see the final product.

    Tim: We’ve worked together on and off for a long time and have a friendship. We understand how to work together. It’s almost intuitive. She knows what I want to do, I know what she wants to do. We started designing the first L.A.M.B handbag collection in April, and here we are in August, and we have the full collection. That’s quite a fast process. We knew what we wanted to do and a lot of thought went into it. It’s a collaboration that works on the creative side enormously well and she’s also a business partner, so that adds another dimension to her involvement and interest in the brand.
    Last season Gwen staged a pretty flashy fashion show for the debut of your fashion line last September. This season, you’re toning things down a bit. Why?
    Tim: Between her new baby and working on her new solo album and working on the handbag collection, there’s only so much she one person can do. Gwen is doing a presentation at Industria Super Studio and it’ll be very interesting a unique approach. And, of course, the handbags will be included.
    What are your goals for this young brand?
    Tim: Based upon the initial retail reaction and launching it in over 225 doors, and how right I think this collection is especially for a new collection, I think it has enormous opportunity. I’ve felt confident about it from the beginning. Until you show it to the press and retailers and get their read you just don’t know. Now there are orders and the enthusiasm validates it, and based on that, the opportunity is greater than I thought it would be.
    Gwen: It’s still so young despite having come so far. I never would have dreamed it would come this far. I’d be up here with the bags around me looking as good as they do. The idea is just to keep going and going. I just want to keep going and get more sophisticated and be really broad, but at the same time funky. I’m thinking about launching a line of sunglasses next.

    What about eventually opening your own retail doors?

    Tim: It hasn’t been formerly discussed because this has all happened so fast and furiously. Right now we are focused on making the product better and better. But I never say never; reaching a consumer directly is always intriguing."
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  9. from WWD

    Gwen Stefani Keeps Close Tabs on L.A.M.B.
    By Julee Greenberg
    Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. brand, which has been in business just three years, may be one of the most successful stories in contemporary fashion.

    Sure, Stefani gives the company a built-in marketing machine because the Grammy-winning singer and actress wears the collection on tour, on the red carpet and on the streets. But in the grand scheme of things, that's just one element that helps boost the firm, which industry sources said will bring in $90 million at retail by the end of this year.

    So what is L.A.M.B.'s secret? Stefani is hands-on. She is fully involved in every decision and insists that the clothing line be consistent in style and quality. That focus extends to her organizational skills. She is able to balance motherhood, marriage, singing and designing as if they're all simple.

    And she has a strategy.

    "The spring line is much more focused than it has been," Stefani said in an interview in her SoHo showroom, appearing calm during the tumultuous preparations for her New York Fashion Week presentation. "We were really intent to make this line wearable and were strict on making sure it was a fully cohesive line, without concentrating on that one great piece. This time, each piece is great."

    When the brand was launched in 2003, many industry insiders had no doubt that Stefani's style was unique and marketable, but some thought that at a retail range of $40 to $350, her clothes might be too expensive for her young fan base. She also wanted to keep distribution on the small side, and she has been consistent about it. The brand is sold in only 275 doors worldwide.

    Her plan appears to have worked, retailers said. The first sign of a success came with her first handbag collaboration with LeSportsac in 2003. That line sold out quickly, and customers demanded more. So the company quickly signed her up to design a second season. Those bags also sold out fast and even now still go on eBay for more than $300.

    During the past month, Stefani has been in New York finishing her second solo album (due to drop before the end of the year) and working on L.A.M.B.'s spring collection, which she will show at New York Fashion Week on Friday during a presentation at Industria Studios. In addition, her nanny just got sick and had to fly back to Los Angeles, so her three-month-old son, Kingston, has to come to work. That part, she said, she is fine with her since she hates being without him.

    "Having a nanny is like having an extra hand, but he is literally with me all the time anyway," Stefani said, showing off Kingston, who was wearing a one-of-a-kind L.A.M.B. outfit, designed just for him. "When I was pregnant, it was really hard not to drift away from everything. All I could think about was the baby. It was hard to care about anything else."

    But, she insisted, she does care, and with Kingston by her side, she's hard at work in music and in fashion.

    Stefani walks around her showroom, pulling some of her favorite items: a long jersey vintage-inspired print gown, a gold trenchcoat, denim shorts and retro-inspired jackets. She knows the fabric contents, where the inspirations came from ("Eighties Michelle Pfeiffer meets Jamaican rude boy") and even what she plans to wear when she starts touring again.

    "I can't wait to get my body back and my legs into these shorts," she said, showing off one of her favorite pairs. Her body, by the way, seems to be in perfect shape.

    "This is my favorite part. I love when Zaldy, Andrea [Lieberman] and I come together and finalize everything," Stefani said of her partnership with designer Zaldy and stylist Lieberman.

    At the end of this month, Nordstrom will open a shop-in-shop for L.A.M.B. in its Savvy department at the San Francisco store. The shop, which will showcase the line on custom L.A.M.B. hangers, surrounded by logo wallpaper, is the first of its kind for Nordstrom and for L.A.M.B. On Oct. 3, Nordstrom will open another shop in its Topanga Plaza, Calif., store.

    "L.A.M.B. is one of our strongest vendors in our Savvy department, largely because of our partnership with Ken Erman, the president of SkaGirl [L.A.M.B.'s apparel license]. L.A.M.B. has selective distribution and we are proud to be the largest fashion retailer carrying the collection," said Ana Swaab, corporate merchandise manager for women's contemporary at Nordstrom. "The allure and styling of the fall 2006 line is making it one of the most popular and loved collections with our customers. Customers love the design of the collection, including the vibrant graphic prints, as well as classic and feminine shapes done with a Fifties vintage feel — all reflecting Gwen's own personal style."

    The company's licensed accessories are also doing well, too. The watch line, licensed to Vestal, has been a true success story. At Nordstrom, it was the most successful watch launch ever, selling out in only two days, according to a Nordstrom spokesman. Other stores carrying the watches sold out in one week, said Lisa Jacobson, head of the branding and licensing division of United Talent Agency and managing director of L.A.M.B.

    The handbags, licensed to Schifter & Partners, will hit stores earlier than expected since the demand for them is so high. The company first showed the bags to retailers in August. They were planned for a spring launch, but buyers were enthusiastic and created floor space for holiday selling. So, those will be launched in more than 200 doors (including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Henri Bendel, Kitson, Intermix, Holt Renfrew, and Colette) on Dec. 1.

    "Every season, the collection continues to evolve because of the intimate designing involvement of Gwen with Zaldy and Andrea Lieberman," Swaab said.

    The company is opening more international accounts, expanding in Russia, Turkey, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Singapore.

    "The idea is and always has been to let the line grow slowly and organically," said Jacobson. "We want to take the time to make sure we are in the right stores. We aren't in a big rush to expand."

    The L.A.M.B. apparel collection retails from $65 to $850. Bags retail from $250 to $850 and watches , from $195 to $675. Next up, Stefani said she hopes to launch a full shoe line to add to the sneakers, which are licensed to Royal Elastics.

    But for now, she's still pulling her spring presentation together. Then, she's headed to London on Saturday to "show off the baby" to relatives in the U.K.

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