L.A.M.B.: Mandeville vs Montego?

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Silver Mandeville or get a Montego?

  1. Silver Mandeville! You'll kick yourself later if you pass it up!

  2. Montego! You already have a Mandeville....diversify!

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  1. I'm feenin' for my next LAMB and I'm not sure which route I should take! Part of me thinks I should add a Silver Mandeville. I currently only have one silver bag (the Marley Hill). If I got the Silver Mandeville I would then have a silver bag in both shoulder and hand-carry. Plus silver probably won't be around too much longer.

    On the other hand, junebug totally sold me on the Montego and I LOVE the fact that I can fit a notebook or magazines in it!!! If I got a Montego it would be either silver or saddle. Trouble is I have not been able to find either....but I could possibly get a Bullseye Montego as a consolation next month.

    So should I go for the Silver Mandeville or hold out until I can score a Montego? Help me decide!!! Picture 1 is the Silver Mandeville and Picture 2 is a Montego in Lipstick, because I couldn't find a pic of the Silver or Saddle version.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    silvermontego.jpg lipstickmontego.jpg
  2. Montego. You won't regret it. :nogood: :tup:
  3. MissNovember that Bullseye Montego you posted has reallllllly grown on me! If I couldn't find a saddle montego a BE would be nice.
  4. They were both available at off Saks for aroun 299.00 end of last week in Wodbury Commons, plus a 20% coupon if that helps
  5. The Montego is definitely growing on me. But I am a big bag type of girl, so it could be solely based on the size of the Montego v. the Mandeville. I say Montego. Hopefully you can find one in silver or saddle at Nordstrom Rack or Off 5th. Or depending on the Bullseye Exeter resolution, you could get a Bullseye Montego. The right bag will present itself to you! :amuse:

  6. Let me tempt you some more.........:graucho:
  7. Ooh, the torture! :hysteric:
  8. The coupon expired on the 27th. But thanks I might give them a call today if I can figure out what I want!
  9. Have you ever tried out the Montego?? Who knows, maybe you'll hate it when you try it out. But I don't think so!!! :graucho: I love the Mandeville, but the Montego has those sweet pockets on the inside. It's just such a chic shape too. I really think you'd get a lot of use out of it!! :tup:
  10. Yes I tried the Rasta Montego at Off 5th. I really don't want to end up with a closet full of Rasta...sometimes I want to tone it down a bit and now my Esquivel will be my Rasta "Stunner". But Rasta and Cheetah were the only Montego's they had. Yes, all those pockets are great...one reason I'm so loving the Marley Hill and Esquivel. Plus...once I saw junebug fit a notebook....well, that was just GREAT! As I usually keep a notebook and a mag or two with me for downtime when I'm at work.
  11. As long as you end up with a closet full of what you love, that's all that matters! ;) I like the Montego for that same reason too....when I go run errands, check the mail etc., I can cram a whole bunch of junk in there comfortably. So I dunno, I think it'd be a nice piece to add. :yes:
  12. Bulleseye Montego next month.
  13. Next month, next month, next month....don't you guys realize I am NOT PATIENT, lmao! :hysteric: Guess I really don't have a choice though huh?? I'm really hoping that I'll be so smitten with my Rasta Marley Hill on Friday that it'll tide me over for a week. And then by then (fingers crossed) my replacement Bullseye Exeter will have come from some Nordstrom somewhere, lol. And then that will tide me over for another week and then the BE Montego will show up on Nordstrom.com! And then I can officially start my ban....until Shadow goes on sale, lol :p
  14. Well girl, I'm glad I got you into the Montego, but I'm also sorry that I gave you a dilemma!

    I had the exact same issue as you when I was at my Off 5th. At that point I was so in love with my Rasta Mandeville, the shape of it and everything, that when I was deciding which Silver bag to buy, I almost went with the Mandeville. It was only because my mom was there that I decided to "branch out" and get the Montego, which I also wanted but not as bad as the Mandeville at that point....in the end since the Mandeville was my only lux, I decided to diversify and go with the Montego. I felt like I'd be able to use them more that way! I was doubtful for the first few days after I got it but after carrying it I fell in love with it too!

    And I don't know if I'm going crazy or what, but I actually think my Montego is a little lighter than my Mandeville. Weird, huh? Maybe because the weight distribution is varied since the Montego has the inside pockets.

    When it comes down to it, you can't go wrong with either. Interestingly enough, the luxes I wanted most last fall were the Rasta Montego and the Silver Mandeville, but they ended up being switched around and I love them anyways! But I vote Montego!
  15. You know......Junebug and MissN sold me on the Montego too and I am feening as well!! It is such a rock star bag :supacool: Go for it!