L.A.M.B LeSportSac

  1. Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know if the L.A.M.B bags that I own were from Gwen's first edition? or second? I don't know a lot about them, I got them a couple years ago (probably 2004). I haven't used them in a while, and might sell the left one on eBay... are they still in demand? I read in a different thread that at one point, the bids could go up to 3 or 4 times the original price. Thanks in advance.
  2. idk ..they look like second edition to me? but not sure..the best person to ask is Lambfashionista ..:biggrin:

    great bags! goodluck on eBay! im sure it will go high...
  3. Those are beautiful bags. If you want to sell them, let us know.
  4. I love the lamb bags.
  5. cherrieblossoms, i think those are from the 3rd season but definitely not from the 1st
    They're the small hella hobo in icon (black & white) and icon (pebble)
    Gorgeous bags!
    If they're in mint condition, you'll definitely get at least twice the original price..
    Good luck! :yes:
  6. The black and white one is called "Icon Black Print". And the other one is "Icon in Pebble" which had limited availability. They are from the collection that was released in the fall of 2004- the last collection in the LAMB series. As eNVii_tOkii said, they are the small hella hobo style of bag.

    You could probably get bids on them for $100 or higher. (per bag.) I personally wouldn't sell them. They really are a collectors item. Maybe you should give one to a friend as a gift? Unless you are tight for $$.
  7. i agree they are collector's item...those are hard to find ..:biggrin:
  8. Thanks so much for the responses and the info! I really liked the bags, but was pretty disapointed with the quality, like a couple threads on a couple areas on the strap came loose after onlly 10-20 uses of the bags. The Icon Pebble I have was a little better made than the Icon Black/White. The Icon Black/White is still in great condition, but gently used. I have been considering selling it because I just spent 1000 on a Marc Jacobs little stam bag, and feel a little guilty money wise :p.
  9. This is why ICON was the last collection. There is a camo type print that is pretty rare, but they didn't make a lot of those or even release a "Music" print because the manufacturers were having problems with the quality of the fabric. (Read this on Gwen Stefani's message board)

    I have the B/W Icon and it is in excellent condition. I don't use it as an everyday purse so it has held up. It maybe comes out from hiding five times during the summer.
  10. The bag on the right is an Icon Black Small Hella Hobo from the Summer 2004 (3rd Season) collection. The bag on the left is an Icon Pebble Small Hella Hobo from the Fall 2004 (4th Season) collection.
  11. oops guess i was wrong on the seasons :p
  12. Does anyone know if FAKES were made of these icon bags?

    I really want to buy one but i'm kind of afraid of buying them on eBay in case there are fakes floating around

    like are the brown ones (teak) real?


  13. Teak should be real. I've never seen fakes of those.