L.A.M.B & Harajuku Lovers = NEW Bags!!

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  1. I'm a fan of the old L.A.M.B bags and am excited about the new bags Gwen has created. The new L.A.M.B bags are going to be more upscale (in style and price). The new Harajuku Lovers bags will be similar to the old L.A.M.B line of bags but a little more kitschy.

    Sorry if this has all been posted!

    Sneak-peek at the Harajuku Lovers Bags

    The new L.A.M.B bags (due out Dec. 1st), will average from $395 to $550 for the Signature collection and $550 to $700 for the Love (leather) line, although there are less expensive items such as $75 key pouches
    lovebags.jpg picsrvfashionweekdailyewf8.jpg picsrvfashionweekdailyjk3.jpg
  2. where can you buy her bags??? i need them in my life!! asap:yes:
  3. Those are so cute!! I really like them, especially the white ones.
  4. I want the general fade out color bag...however it looks verrry expensive.
  5. I know!!! I totally want the Harajuku lovers bag! I love the Bubble Pop electric one that has the LV papillon shape! Soooo cute! Where can I get this? Hmm...maybe Sanrio stores? I know they have Harajuku stuff at some of them.
  6. I miss the old lesportsac bags!
  7. Where do we buy the Harajuku Lovers bags?????????? I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. here it is :smile:

    so do i!!! :sad:

    -- these stores have just listed the new HL bags as of today. they are also supposed to be released to selected Macy*s soon.
    (i think giant peach has a good discount code right now too)
  9. I know Urban Outfitters carries HL clothes (I got one of the shirts for $15 on sale!), so they may have some of the new bags.
  10. They´re gorgeous!
  11. I absolutely love the third one!
  12. Those bags are so cute. I want one!! Where do I get them?
  13. I like the last one!
  14. just a little bump, for some new pics of the L.A.M.B bags coming out. i think they're gonna be HOT
    7thseptcamo002.jpg 606866h.jpg lambshowset207001.jpg lambshowset207014.jpg lambshowset207016.jpg