L.A.M.B Gilt Sale

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  1. Going on now!!!
  2. ;):graucho:
  3. :tup: Scored some hotness!!!

    Finally found these and at a great price!!
    lamb jona.jpg
  4. ^^^ I'm so bummed these were already sold out in my size. WTF? I hit the sale page @ 9:02 and they were all snatched up already. L.A.M.B. lovers are on it :smile:
  5. really - I just got these about 15 minutes ago. They're a size 6 - not sure what size you need.
  6. damit im broke ughhhhh! :pout:
  7. I got one of the blue leather bags :smile: YAY!!!
  8. ^ Me too!! I ended up going back online a few minutes later and got the Etiole in Argon. I'm probably going to sell the Nikola since I don't want to bags the same color in this style.
  9. i wanted the etiole but it was more than i could spend right now. i got the cross body :heart:
  10. someone stop me...I just bought the etoile in black!
  11. ^^You're on a roll Jillian!:nuts:
  12. lol don't encourage me cheryl! I had some account credits though so it ended up not being too expensive :smile:
  13. jilli, whatever you know you got that etoille for me....thats why you called at 1am frantic LOL keep buying for me lover!
  14. So what were ther prices on the bags? I was out of town and missed the sale. Just curious if I really missed out.
  15. Congrats to those of you who scored bags!! I missed out on the sale, too, but also I was broke.