L.A.M.B Fall 2011

  1. HAHAH i love love love Glee, i crack up so hard anytime brit says anything
  2. am I the ONLY one HOPING they Broadcast the Fall Fashion Show LIVE on L.A.M.B. dot com thursday?
  3. I am too, really wish they would
  4. razorkiss58, rocksteady and Cheryl this is for you ;)

    The GLEE Magic 8 Ball. Its so funny and made me think about my Sister L.A.M.B. and Glee LOVERS ;)
  5. lmao where did you find that?
  6. at Claire's $6 BUT Amazon and Fox.com have them for sale for WAY more ;)
  7. A GLEE MAGIC 8 BALL? I am so buying this for my mother--she is in love with Puck and Schue!
  8. Gwen is meeting with the press today! We should have info and photos soon. I got the info from Beacon Street Online, but I'm sure E! news and everyone will have reports soon.
  9. Gwen will be on E! News tonight at 7 PST.
  10. i watched e! news tonight...the whole show....but i guess i somehow missed gwen's segment. i can't believe i went through that whole show....my head hurts from all the celeb gossip nonsense.....hahaha

    BSO posted about it again and said the segment was super short but that the clothes looked "really cute"....and i thought: "great, that's so much help!"

    i did hear that there will be a "soldier girl" inspiration again, like last year...and i noticed a rack with a LOT of dark clothes in a twitpic from gwen that i saw a couple days back...so i'm expecting a darker vibe than spring...hopefully there will be some bright reds and some prints mixed in, too....of course i'm excited for the bags as well...but frankly i'm SO not ready for it....i haven't even gotten over the s/s collection yet!!

    oh well, i can't wait to see what she has in store for us.... :yahoo:
  11. OKAY, so, a friend of mine tells me that the gwen segment is going to be re-run in e! a couple of minutes ago so i run to the tv...i finally caught it!! the segment was literally about 5 seconds but it showed gwen in the showroom with all the clothes around her......girls, TRUST ME, you are all going to FREAK OUT over the collection.....it is OLD SCHOOL L.A.M.B........i'm talking beautiful little jackets that give me a schoolboy vibe, shrunken vests and collared shirts worn with a tie....the whole nine yards. i feel like she must have been inspired by london in the winter time, it seems very british....60's mod....and very very L.A.M.B.

    the color palette was very 70s to me......patchworks of oranges/browns/dark red/saffron yellow...... it looks GREAT and i can't wait to see the entire thing tomorrow!

    ps: anyone who is interested in catching the show live tomorrow at 8pm (7 central) can PM me for a link....
  12. I will be at work :pout: so im going to miss the Fashion Show :censor:

    L.A.M.B. Brother why all :ninja: with the link? Be the :king: that you are and SHARE the love like we all share the :heart::love: of L.A.M.B.

  13. Sadly im off to work. Hope you all ENJOY the show tonight :couch:

    I cant wait to get home tonight and see all the PICTURES and POST :nuts:

    ...at 11pm im going to be all over TPF, Gettyimages, Zimbo and or Zimbio.com. (I forgot who had the BEST pictures last fashion show :thinking:)

  14. ^ :heart: you girl.... that tv/pc monitor(!) watching smiley has me cracking up... :roflmfao:

    gwen hasn't posted much on twitter this season...but she JUST threw us a bone and posted her OUTFIT for the show tonight....i think it's safe to assume that she's wearing the new L.A.M.B. fall '11....it's to die for.....print is a bit similar to the b/w or "snow" leopard from spring but this time it has a little bit of yellow in the print. LOVE!!
  15. ugh so much for saving for a wedding haha man maybe i shouldnt be on here....