L.A.M.B. esquivel VS commodore

  1. okay ladies....i figured this would be easier in it's own thread and hopefully add even more credibility to the fact we desperately need our own LAMB forum...

    i recently aquired both a rasta commodore and a LS esquivel and I can only keep one. I have my own pro's and cons for both, but i'd love to hear your opinion on your choice and why....maybe some new insight will sway my opinion...

    please pic your favorite and let me know why. i appreciate it!

    (second picture courtesy of the LAMB queen, miss n)

    should i keep:
    * rasta commodore
    * LS esquivel
    * return both and wait until another LAMB bag strikes my fancy
    rasta C.jpg miss N LS E.jpg
  2. I love the shape of the commodore, but every time I've tried it on, it always slips off of my shoulder. Like it just won't stay up there! Maybe if there's stuff inside of the bag it would weigh it down, but I just thought it was odd how easily it slid right off. Love the bag though so if you could get it to work for you, I would probably go with the commodore. I love the strap, too! Good luck in making your decision! It's not going to be easy. The LS is SO pretty!
  3. I know you already have some Lipstick, but since it's up against the Commodore shape, I say Esquivel! At least the Esquivel you can fit over your shoulder too, if necessary. That damn Commodore never stayed on mine!!!! :borg1: ;)
  4. surly~thanks for the reply...you make a good point. and it IS a hard decision!

    Miss N~good point too...hope you dont mind i borrowed one of your lovely pics...:shame:
  5. I really like the Esquivel. I have one (in Cheetah) and I love the shape. It's not my usual style, but I have found that I really love it and it holds a lot. It is deceptively roomy.

    Love the shape of the Commodore, hate the slipping issue. I tried one on and immediately knew I would end up hating it.

    If you don't love either, wait for something else. I vote for the Esquivel.
  6. It slips off your shoulder contstantly and it's not 'mouthy' enough to get in and out of easily without opening the flap. At least those were my two main *****es about it. :p
  7. Of course I don't!!! I love seeing that outfit!!! :lol: ;)
  8. I would also vote esquivel I like the shape and colors. Good luck choosing..
  9. thanks for the input. do you think the esquivel looks okay worn on the shoulder??
  10. I would also choose the Esquivel between the two. I owned the Rasta Commodore at one time, in fact it was my first LAMB. But that constant "slippage" was just too much for me. The Esquivel in Lipstick is quite stunning. I'd choose that one....or if both of them give you a slight "twinge" for whatever reason then just wait for something else.
  11. I'm no LAMB expert but I prefer the second one (which I'm guessing is the esquivel based on the name/colors of the other one!) because of its shape and colors - love the red trim.
  12. I've had both bag styles and I love my Rasta Commodore. I dont have any issues with the bag slipping of my shoulder.
  13. I think the esquivel is a really unique style. It's too large for me, but if size isn't an issue for you, I'd keep that one. The commodore is a more "practical" bag, so if you need an everyday bag, go for that one.
  14. Rasta, no question. The colors are tdf and the Commodore is just an amazing shape.
  15. do you feel really in love with both of them or is it kind of just 'eh' for both? You definitely have time to sit back and think about them, but if you're not in love with one or the either, I say wait it out for one that really makes you head over heels.