L.A.M.B. Dreams

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  1. So a couple of weeks ago I had a dream that a co-worker went to a sample sale in New York City and came back with tons of LAMB clothes that she was selling in her cubicle for $5 a piece. I was buying one of everything! Since I rarely dream I thought this might be due to the Girl Scout Thin Mints I'd eaten shortly before bed.

    Then last night I had a dream that I had a Cheetah Mandeville and I was rockin it with all these different outfits and it looked so good on me! I've never liked Cheetah on bigger bags, but now I'm wondering should I add a Cheetah Mandeville to the arsenal?? And to think, just yesterday I was trying to scale down, lol I'm a mess!
  2. I love the cheetah mandeville! It is adorable so I would never say no to you getting one...

    About LAMB dreams...
    I have LAMB dreams every once in a while and it drives me crazy because usually I am in LAMB heaven and then have to wake up! :Push: One of the ones I remember well was when I had a hybrid of a camden with rasta print...I was in love with it in the dream, but it sounded really ugly when I woke up. I was shopping in a vintage store when out of nowhere I found a rack full of old school LAMB clothes, all brand new and rare. I found the valentine hoodie in all the colors, black & red, black & white, red & green....ugh I was in love! And then I woke up. :lol:
  3. Yeah, I don't know about the Mandeville. Every time I play with one in the store it's too much Cheetah for me and I always end up putting it down. Not sure what that dream was about...I'm suppose to be scaling down not increasing my collection!
  4. I went and checked the "lambies on a ban thread" and saw that you were on there, so I'm going to vote no to the Cheetah mandy.
  5. Thanks. I need a reality check sometimes, lol
  6. I also have been wanting a cheetah mandeville lately and wonder if it's a little too much cheetah for me..but since I've been on a ban I want everything so it's always good to add it to a wishlist and when you aren't banned anymore you can decide if you really wanted it or not. I've never seen a cheetah mandy irl!:sad: but they sure look gorgeous in pictures.
  7. all this talk about the cheetah mandevile and i'm regretting that i returned mine
  8. Why did you return yours?
  9. because i saw the LS one and pretty much just drooled all over it :smile: haha
    and decided to get the Cheetah oxford since i can shoulder carry that bag and not the mandeville..
    figure i'd get more use out of the oxford over the mandy since i'm more of a shoulderbag gal
  10. I see. That makes sense. I wonder sometimes if I should've gotten a Rasta Oxford a long time ago when they were vastly available. But they just seem so heavy.
  11. I had a LAMB dream last night.. in my dream, i was browsing through ebay and saw a listing of silver oxford BIN for $28!!! i was shocked but i passed on it cause i'm not into the silver prints.. :noggin::noggin:

    and when i wake up this morning, ebay was the first site that i went into.. and of course it's not there.. silly me.. :Push: