L.A.M.B. Deals on eBay or other retailer

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    Nova Gals - Marshalls off of Rt7 had a handful of shoes. Photos are those that were in stock in different sizes. Both were found in black. The strappy ones were 89 and the closed toe were 99. Likewise, there were just a few checkered coin purses and one or two flap-wallets.

    The TJ Maxx (next small shopping stripmall down from Marshalls) had a Mandalay wristlet for 29.99$.

    IMAG0111.jpg IMAG0112.jpg
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    found this today at Century21 Dept stores for $50ttp://img407.imageshack.us/i/lamb021.jpg/
  3. ^^$50? What a deal!
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    cant seem to post a pic but its the williamsfield kiss me tote
  5. Here ya go baglady!:smile:
  6. thank u!!! lol Anyway i went back to get the plaid but i saw this one and thought i could get more use out of it thanks again for posting it for me!
  7. You're welcome! Enjoy your new Williamsfield!
  8. LOVE the bag and GREAT deal. Enjoy her :biggrin:
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  10. There are A LOT of L.A.M.B. bags on BBOS Private Sale right now. They have a Saddle Mandeville listed for $255 but the pic shows a Saddle Alston. That's a much more appealing price if it's actually an Alston.

    Retail Me Not lists some discount codes too that look like they're current and worth a try!

    GET20 - $20 off
    FAST15 - 15% off order
  11. Marshall's has the lamb accessories marked down. I got the saddle zip around wallet for $39.