L.A.M.B Deals on Ebay or other retailer

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  1. Im calling back then....I want a key pouch hopefully I get someone else...
  2. LoL....sorry like I said I talked to a rude lady and I asked for the make-up bag....go figure...sorry ladies did not mean to step on any ones toes....
  3. No toes injured!! And get a manager if that SA is rude. :yes: I got a bag today, and it took a while to find an SA, then a while for the "accessory" girl to come help!

    Keeping fingers crossed for a keypouch to be on it's way to you!!!
  4. yvalenz....thank you for clearing that up...they did actually have a key pouch in Shadow....I am actually mad at whomever I talked to early for telling me a lie...:rant:...However, I am thrilled that I am getting a MIA key pouch in Shadow!!!!!:yahoo:Thanks yvalenz:flowers:
  5. I'm glad you all are getting your Shadow stuff!
  6. I wonder if the bags will be on sale at the full line stores yet?
  7. Oh please soon!!! I am so spoiled by these Off 5th and NR prices I can't bear to pay full price for a BE Montego!
  8. I hope so too ! I'm really praying when I go pick up the Shadow Oxford --it will ring up on sale :smile: haha
  9. Shadow Oxford sounds so stunning.....yummmm
  10. :cutesy: Anytime! Glad that worked out. Trust me - I know how important matching accessories are!

    Me too!! I don't want to pay full price for any bag anymore!
  11. Girl, I feel ya... i only order on sale or with a discount code! lol
  12. Does anyone know if the shadow key pouches are still available anywhere?
  13. My NR had 2 cheetah montego's and 3 cyprus. They also had 2 LS montegos and 2 cyprus. PM me for details :smile:
  14. LS Commodore on sale at Nordstrom.com
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.