L.A.M.B. 'Dawn' Sandal- 5.5" and all mine! pics!

  1. I ordered these sandals from Nordstrom last week after seeing them and falling in love in abouuutttt 10 seconds. I LOVE Balenciaga sandals and these kind of remind me of them, but alas, a lot less $$! (yet still good quality, and not 'fake')


    And now for my pics! I loveee them! On a scale of 1-5 i'd say they're a 2.5 on the comfort scale, but who cares!




    ^^ i thought the soles were adorable!:heart:
    P1140679.JPG P1140680.JPG P1140690.JPG
  2. aw, c'mon ladies! What do you think? (You can be honest, it's no biggie) :O)
  3. I love them. I am too old for them, unfortunately, and I don't have your great legs.

    I am 48 and wore platforms back in the day. I actually wear a lot of clogs with platforms. They remind me of my youth!
  4. :heart::graucho: Gorgeous darling!
  5. Totally hot! They're gorgeous! And you have the legs for them.
  6. RondaFaye- Thank you! (especially for the compliment) I'm glad someone likes them, haha! I made my mom try them on and she declared me insane, said they were the most uncomforable things she's ever had on.. but she's 5' even, so i'm convinced it was just her fear of heights ;)

    I know it's not many people's taste but i adore them and think they're hot! heh

    Will- luvyewww :OP

    Shoeangel- Thank you!!:heart:3
  7. Hot!!
  8. Those look totally hot on you. I thought they looked cute in the pic but they totally rock when you wear them!
    im so jealous- i dont have the cash but they are so hot!!
  10. I love those, sammydoll! I would break my ankle, and I wear very high heels all the time. They're 5" with a 1" platform. Love it! And of course, you will totally rock them. Cute pedi, btw!
  11. sammydoll - those look fantastic on you! i agree - LAMB shoes are good quality at a reasonable price. great buy! :tup:
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. They look great on you! :tup: Have you worn them out yet?
  14. Those look FAB on you, and I love the color! Congrats!
  15. my first immpresion from picture was:tdown:but they look fabolous on u..