L.A.M.B. Collections COMMENTS ONLY

  1. ^OK, done!

    I know I told you this already in our emails but I have to say it again....WOW at the Rasta Eton!!:woot: I also love your Mandalay Greenwood....makes me miss mine!

    Thanks again for letting me help you out. Your beautiful bags needed to be seen!
  2. I Second Cheryl!! The RASTA ETON is to die for!! Totally Amazing!! Thanks for the pics ladies!
  3. Thanks Cheryl! I remembered you were going to be busy this week so I wasnt worried about it. Thanks so much. I hope your first week back to work went well :smile:

  4. Blissa don't you live close to me? I live in Vacaville! I want to see the rasta eton in person....Drooling :heart: Beautiful bag!
  5. Hi Donna =) I live in Vallejo so yeah not too far. If I remember correctly you used to work here. If you are in the area you can certainly come look at her but Lamblovinlori already claimed first dibs on her if my rasta and I should ever part lol. I cant believe all the attention that bag is getting =)
  6. YAY!! I am so happy you did not forget about me Blissa !! You are right. I made first dibs.
    LOL..It is on my wishlist.
  7. LOL lori, I do work in Vallejo. You should consider who would pay the most for her :heart: xoxo
  8. Beautiful LAMB collection Mark! :cloud9: I would love to own any one of those bags or accessories. :graucho: Thank you for the updated picture!!
  9. Mark, you have a very nice and diverse collection!! It is really growing, congrats on some gorgeous pieces :hugs:
  10. radchk1, have you posted a pic of your collection yet?! I wanna see the green audrey :biggrin:
  11. No, I haven't really. I should do a photo shoot this weekend...
    I will try to get on it!!!
    Thanks for asking :graucho:
  12. Me tooooooo!!!!:graucho:
  13. PLEASE :flowers:

    I LOVE L.A.M.B. Family Photos