L.A.M.B. Cheetah is in!!!!

  1. Got a call from my fierce SA @ Nordies, who told me that they received a few of the new L.A.M.B. Cheetah and Black signature print!

    I ended up ordering the Large Kingston Bowler in Cheetah and took home the Esquivel as well (first pic). These bags are so cute!!! The Esquivel is more of a 'frame' type bag and just a really nice size.

    The Black signature print IRL is stunning. It's got hints of Silver....yum!

    I took these pictures for you ladies, even though they looked at me like I was totally nuckin' futs! LOL :roflmfao:

    Esquivel.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 001.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 002.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 003.jpg lambcheetah.jpg 004.jpg
  2. That looks like Nordstrom's in Stonestown....is it? That's a CUTE bag! I Love L.A.M.B. and Dickie Roberts...lol!
  3. It's actually Riverside @ Tyler. :yes: It should be called 'Heaven' though. LOL

    The Cheetah print is really cute in person! I'm lovin' my new L.A.M.B. bag!! :heart:

  4. Are the bags in the right-hand picture a gray logo? I like those! That cheetah is wild! I like it, but I don't think it is for me. The rasta is almost more flash than I can comfortably carry!
  5. They're actually Black with a hint of Silver. They are really, really pretty in person. I wanted to take one of those home too but my husband was with me! :wtf: LOL

    I was just fiddling with the Esquivel and I didn't realize that it opens up down the sides so that you can really fit a lot in that little sucker! Which is good because I was worried that it might be too small for me!

    So here it is, in my newly updated collection......I know the Cheetah is a wild print, but as you can see....I kinda live on the wild side! LOL :p
    CHEETAH.JPG 005.jpg CHEETAH.JPG 003.jpg
  6. does the devon come in cheetah? i don't see it there!
  7. I love the cheetah print ... I can't wait to see these bags IRL! I so want to be a 'cheetah' girl but I'm just not wild enough! LOL
  8. the bag you took home [esquivel] is cute in the cheetah... its shape is inspired by the hermes paris bombay.
  9. I will have to google that! I'm not familiar with Hermes at all! That's pretty cool though!

    I still haven't seen the Devon in Cheetah, but there are more coming out on July 25th!

    Asl_bebes, come on...live a little on the wild side!! ;) These bags are really cute in person, I think they add a little kick to any outfit! :yes:
  10. The Esquival cheetah is soooooo cute!! I don't even like cheetah prints in general, but I really want that bag!
  11. It's super cute. The print is fun but the shape is totally ladylike. Something I know nothing about, so I'll take all the help I can get! :p
  12. They are so cute i love them.
  13. Oh these are cute! How much do they retail for?
  14. Congratulations! Love your new bag and can't wait to see the second one.

    I think L.A.M.B.bags are really nice, but I find them waay to expensivefor what they are.
  15. The Esquivel was only $500 and the Large Kingston Bowler is $650. They also have a medium version, the Montego Bowler that's only $550 and just as cute! :tup: