L.a.m.b Bags?

  1. I See this bag on e-lux in white (capri satchel style) with blue trim. It looks lovely and is 550.00. What do you guys think, I like the look of the other bags, but the satchel is my favorite.
  2. Beautiful bag! Perfect blend of trendy and classic, if that makes sense. I love my black capri satchel. I also have the large white venezia (which is similar to the one you're looking at). I just got the wallet (stone) and it's functional and lovely.

    The white capri is a great choice!
  3. i recently notice lamb bags and i have to say they are beautiful. the satchel is also my fave. Shopbop.com have a few styles too.
  4. I actually dont really like lamb bags. I feel like the entire lamb line is overhyped.

    Just my 2 cents...
  5. I have the exact one you are talking about - and I looooooooove it, and get so many freaking compliments on it.

    The combination of the white with navy is gorgeous in person.
  6. I really like this bag, but personally I think it's overpriced. The bags are nice, pretty and I like them, but I think they're much too expensive for what they are. The prices are like high designers bags, and I don't find l.a.m.b. one of them. Don't get me wrong, I like them a lot, just wouldn't buy one.
  7. I like the Lamb bags... agree hey are overpriced.

    I think I remember someone recently mentioning the quality not being so good. But again, I don't own one.
  8. I bought the Ombre Rasta Mandeville Small Satchel and I LOVE IT! I have never received so many compliments on a bag in my life. It has started many conversations while I am out and about!
  9. I :heart: L.A.M.B.!!!

    I just recently purchased the Kingston Bowler, Alston Satchel and the matching wallet, all in Saddle. They are really great quality and so easy to carry. They have tons of room inside too without being bulky. I can't tell you how cute the inside is either....soooo chic!

    One thing I did notice about the ones that have the cream 'velvet' inlay on them in the store......they were all already dirty. So I think the navy velvet inlay is a smart choice!!
    ALSTON 005.jpg ALSTON 001.jpg
  10. I've seen these bags at Nordstroms and honestly, they remind me of LV bags. It's like all the same styles with the LAMB logo.

    The linings are kinda nice - the ones I saw had black & white striped lining. But I agree that they are priced a little high for what they are.
  11. MissNovember, I have a question about your Alston Satchel - do you find the clip/snap/ whatever you want to call it closing the front pocket - that it pops open easily? Mine comes undone very easily unless I stuff tissue paper in the pocket to fill it up a little.

    I have 2 Alstons, one in Saddle, one in Rasta, and they both seem that way. Whereas the logo wallet I practically have to pry open the clasp to open the wallet (Whine, whine, whine, LOL)

    But I still love the bags!

    Unfortunately am having to sell my Saddle Kingston and Rasta Mandevile. Too many bags, not enough money!

    Could you tell that I like L.A.M.B. ? <vbg>
  12. LOL My Alston did that yesterday! :roflmfao: I set it down on the chair in the doc's office and the little sucker popped open. It's that little hangy doo dad thingie on the buckle! And yes, I'm pretty sure that's the technical term for it. NOT! LOL

    Same with my wallet too! I just worked with it a little bit and now it's fine, but I could hardly get it closed when I first bought it!

    I love L.A.M.B.!!!!!!! :heart:
  13. I like the shape of this one, the Mandeville small satchel...


    And this stone color is cool...