L.A.M.B. Bags..

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  1. hi guys, i hope this is the right place to post this lol. anyway, im new to L.A.M.B. and I have a feeling this might be the only bag I'll ever get in this line because no other bag style there interests me at all..

    Ive been looking for a small feminine bag.. nothing too feminine.. and nothing huge.. the Mamma Mia is an ok size but the "width" underneath the arms is.. scary. it might be the same thing with this bag but at least i dont have to worry looking overly .. girly o_o??? i dunno i probably dont make any sense haha..

    anyway.. what do you guys think of this particular bag?


    the size seems extremely small.. 4 inches high? is that really the size O_o?? at least the straps seem long enough.. i guess what makes it good is that its somewhat wide..

    and another question.. i know its stupid but i know nothing about L.A.M.B. bags.. better safe than sorry..

    im hoping 2-3 people can authenticate this bag :p lol. it seems real though.. so..

    oh and does anyone know how much this is retail? thanks!! :smile:
  2. It looks real, I have a small hella hobo from the first season and the lining and stuff match up with mine.

    It is a cute bag, but I would find it to be way too small for me, you should ask the seller what they can fit in it that way you know what it holds.
  3. oooh this is first season? doesnt seem popular at all.. haha. or maybe a lotta people are not fans of the size.. and yeah thats a great idea actually.. thanks! :smile:

    woah.. hell, i was checking out the other "l.a.m.b." bags and the leather ones have crazy prices O_O;; on eBay.
  4. oh crap.. i havent seen this comment before O_O.. ok thanks so much for telling me!! i have no idea at all.. haha..

    oh wow.. 52 dollars?! thats so much cheaper than a toki.. O_o;; ugh good thing i went through this thread again cos i really was planning to buy it :x ..

    ugh.. >_> im scared to purchase stuff now.. even tho ive read the whole "how to spot Fake L.A.M.B. bags" it doesnt seem enough still..
  5. i was looking at the girlfriend bag by the same seller. she/he got a close up picture of the zipper pull. from that you can tell it is fake too.
  6. Oh wow, then I'm really dumb to not notice that stuff because I've had my bag for years!
  7. oh.. thanks.. im too scared to buy a l.a.m.b. bag now.. cos i cant tell whats fake from real :S oh well. i can save money that way.