L.A.M.B. Bags: Guts Post Thread

  1. Now, I am freaking out!!! With excitement, of course! My morant should be here today (I am off work anxiously anticipating her arrival!!!)

    Thank you SO much for posting!!!!!
  2. Yeah V V V thank you so much for the morant guts! I am waiting for mine in ombre and I have been paranoid about its size, now I am worry free!!!!
  3. no problem guys! glad I could help!:flowers:
  4. Bump!
  5. OMG i came in here to look at a marley that was a no go (come on I know someone out there has 3 or 4 of them...) But OMG i think I need a Morant I swear it and the cyprus are really just contained black holes that your stuff just sits in.
  6. By Popular Demand: Guts Post on the fabulous Rasta Marley Hill!!

    Side view of the Marley all filled up. The side pockets are perfect to hold my cell phone for easy access!

    A peek inside. Wow look at all that stuff!


    What's inside you ask? The infamous chameleon insert (size small) which holds my life, key pouch, blue tooth earpiece, nintendo ds lite, and still room for an ipod not pictured because I left it in the car by accident. Since I keep my cell in the outside pocket I use the inside cell pocket for headphones and in the big side pocket I put miscellaneous papers, oil blotter sheets, money, etc.


    Another view, to show the chameleon in relation to the Marley.


    Now go get one! I swear when I go to Nordies this weekend, if they have a Shadow Marley Hill it's coming home with me! :love:

    100_1840.jpg 100_1838.jpg 100_1837.jpg 100_1835.jpg
  7. And although we already have one, I thought I'd do another one on the Morant. :p

    All filled up:

    What's inside?

    A detailed look: Oil blotters, miscellaneous papers and money in the inside pocket. Then inside is key pouch, iphone, id/card holder, MAC travel foundation brush, LV Agenda, small comb, pen, LV CC holder, lip gloss, headphones, Nintendo DS Lite, lotion, mirror, and MAC foundation compact.

    Another view:
    100_1828.jpg 100_1830.jpg 100_1831.jpg 100_1834.jpg
  8. damn you fit your life in that "small" bag! wow..her bags dont like as roomy as they are.
  9. isn't the morant so cute and petite! but yet it holds the entire universe haha:lol: Love it! and that rasta is so sweet too!
  10. Yep, I think my Cyprus bags are getting jealous! :wtf:
  11. I love love love your rasta morant and marley hill! That morant holds so much more than you think it would, it's a great little bag. And you're making me want a marley hill now! I hope you bring home a shadow marley on your next trip to Nordstrom, it would make for a perfect collection of marleys!
  12. OMG I am getting a morent on friday... that bag is perfect for me... It small and cute and would be great for a day of running errands or shopping for set pieces.
  13. Thanks for the new additions Knaz :flowers:
  14. great new pics!
  15. Knasarae, my guts posts are crap compared to yours, but here is the one photo i have of my stuff in a rowington
    sorry the photo is poop!